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German magazines and (private) TV stations have affected the development of Austria since their foundation. Because German TV stations broadcast by satellite, it is possible to receive them throughout Austria as well.





Historical Archive[edit]


High brow[edit]

  • profil current events, moderate
  • Datum current events, liberal
  • Gewinn finance and economics

Low brow[edit]

  • NEWS society, current events


  • ORF eins, 2, III and Sport+, the Austrian nationwide television channels by public broadcaster ORF
  • ATV, private TV channel in Austria
  • Puls 4, private TV channel in Austria
  • FS1, Community TV channel in Salzburg

Austria was the second last European country (Albania was the last one) when it officially allowed other TV stations in 2003.


  • ORF OE1 News and documentaries
  • ORF OE2 Regional Radioprogramm, featuring mostly folk- and folkish music
  • ORF OE3 Pop / Rock music
  • ORF FM4 Cutting edge music channel, youth oriented
  • Kronehit Private radio, Pop / Rock music
  • Antenne Private radio, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s music
  • Radiofabrik , Community radio in Salzburg

Austria was the last European country where radio broadcasting was a state monopoly until 1998, when private radio stations were officially allowed.

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