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The Media of Turkmenistan is under heavy control of the state. The government funds nearly all newspapers, and criticism of the president is absolutely forbidden. State licensing policy effectively eliminates all outlets not reflecting official views. To avoid reprisal, domestic and foreign journalists engage in self-censorship.

The only domestic news agency is the State News Agency of Turkmenistan; the Anadolu Agency of Turkey maintanis an office in Ashgabat, and TRT has a representative in Ashgabat. Broadcasting is under the full control of the "Turkmenistan" Television Broadcasting Center, which operates seven national television channels. Little recent information on radio stations is available.[1]

Newspapers and magazines[edit]

There is 22 newspapers (2 private-owned) and 14 magazines (any private-owned) operating in Turkmenistan. The newspapers are not different each other. They are very cheap, most expensive newspaper is $0.50. 1 year subscription equal to 1 month minimum salary.[2] Also there is a few online newspapers founded. Some Russian magazines and Uzbek newspapers selling in some buffets (kiosk).

National Newspapers[edit]

Regional Newspapers[edit]

  • Ashgabat
  • Maru-Shahu-Jahan - Mary Velayat, publishing since 1931, in Turkmen, three times in a week.
  • Ahal Durmushy (Ahal Life) - Ahal Velayat, publishing in Turkmen, three times in a week.
  • Dashoguz Habarlary (Dashoguz News) - Dashoguz Velayat, publishing in Turkmen, three times in a week.
  • Turkmen Gundogary (Eastern of Turkmen) - Lebap Velayat, publishing in Turkmen, three times in a week.
  • Balkan - Balkan Velayat, publishing in Turkmen, three times in a week.

Online Newspapers[edit]

  • - Foreign based independent media
  • Turkmenistan Today (TDH official website) [1] - state-owned.
  • Turkmenistan: Golden Age [2] - service of Neytralny Turkmenistan, state-owned.
  • [3]
  • Azatlyk Radiosy (Voice of America Turkmen Service) [4]
  • Chronicles of Turkmenistan [5]
  • Parahat Info [6]
  • Arzuw News [7]
  • Turkmen Inform [8]
  • Turkmen Habar Gullugy
  • Turkiye-Turkmenistan



In Turkmenistan, satellite TV from Russia and Turkey was popular until the owning of private satellite dishes was forbidden in 2015.[5]

Turkmenistan broadcasts 7 public television channels (6 of them on the territory of the whole country, and 1 only in Ashgabat). All of them are broadcast in the Turkmen language (with the exception of Turkmenistan news channel, which broadcasts in 7 languages). By the content and quality of programs, they do not differ from each other. These sources of information are an ideological mouthpiece of the ruling regime in the country. Any opinion or idea that differs from the President of Turkmenistan cannot be broadcast (except if the criticism is made by the president himself). They also present informative and entertaining programs and movies produced nationally, sports events with the participation of Turkmen sportsmen. Sometimes Altyn Asyr broadcasts popular movies in Turkmen dublage in the evenings, and Turkmenistan Sport was broadcast Serie A in 2015. Any television broadcast 24 hour. Only state companies and institutions advertising to Turkmen televisions. People are forced to subscribe to Cable TV. IPTV is partly forbidden.

TV Channels[edit]

  • Altyn Asyr (formerly TMT-1; English: Golden Age) - The main channel of the country.[6]
  • Yaşlyk (formerly TMT-2; English: Youth) - Channel catered to the youth of Turkmenistan.[7]
  • Miras (formerly TMT-3; English: Heritage) - TV channel about the culture and heritage of the Turkmen people[8]
  • Türkmenistan (formerly TMT-4) - international channel broadcast in seven different languages.[9]
  • Türkmen Owazy (English: Voice of Turkmen) - Turkmen music channel.[10]
  • Aşgabat - TV channel broadcasting programs about Ashgabat.[11]
  • Türkmenistan Sport - sports channel.[12]


  • AŞTU (Aşgabat şäher telefon ulgamy, English: Ashgabat City Telephone System) - the company announced they has 13000 subscribers in 2015.[13]

Cable television[edit]

The State Telecommunication Company "Turkmen Telekom operating cable TV activities in the country. The service has not a brand.


There are at least four radio stations in Turkmenistan:

  • TR1 Radio Watan (279 kHz & 67.04 MHz)
  • TR2 Radio Char-Tarapdan (69.68 MHz)
  • TR3 Radio Miras (103.9 MHz)
  • TR4 Radio Ovaz (101.3 & 104.4 MHz)

TR1 broadcasts on Longwave, Mediumwave OIRT FM and CCIR FM, TR2 & TR3 broadcast on MW and OIRT & CCIR FM, and TR4 broadcasts on CCIR FM. All four stations also broadcast on DAB+ in Ashgabat.[14][15] There is no local or regional radio stations in the country.

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