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Medial may refer to:


  • Medial axis, in geometry the set of all points having more than one closest point on an object's boundary
  • Medial graph, another graph that represents the adjacencies between edges in the faces of a plane graph
  • Medial magma, a mathematical identity in algebra
  • Medial triangle, a triangle with vertices at the midpoints of another triangle's sides



  • Medial consonant, a consonant that is in the middle of a larger phonological unit
  • Syllable medial, a segment located between the onset and the rime of a syllable
  • Medial s <ſ>, a form of the letter s written in the middle of a word
  • Central consonant, a consonant sound that is produced when air flows across the center of the mouth over the tongue
  • Medial or second person demonstrative, a demonstrative indicating things near the addressee


Other uses[edit]

  • Medial capitals or CamelCase, use of capital letters in the middle of a compound word or abbreviation
  • Medial moraine, a ridge in the center of a valley floor

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