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Mediaset Premium
Pay TV
Industry Prepaid subscription television
Founded 20 January 2005
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Key people
Piersilvio Berlusconi
Owner Mediaset

Mediaset Premium is an Italian digital terrestrial television service provided by Mediaset. It provides pay TV and pay-per-view (only for football matches) through the use of a smart card as well as video on demand through its Premium Play and Premium Online streaming service.


Premium Sport logo

Mediaset Premium was launched on January 20, 2005, initially offering only pay-per-view services for movies and sports.

In January 2008, it became a full pay TV, launching the package "Premium Gallery", available, with a package for football matches, through monthly subscription or prepaid. Over time, new packages and new channels enrich the offered.

In 2015, the new offering provides channels of movies, TV series, sport, documentaries, cartoons and interactive services Premium Play and Premium Online. From 2016, Premium will also broadcast on satellite TV.

Broadcast until 2018 the UEFA Champions League exclusive in Italy on channels Premium Sports and Premium Calcio also in HD. It also owns the sports rights, in addition to the Serie A, of foreign tournaments as the Ligue 1 and the Coupe de France, the Scottish Premiership, also of the NFL of American football. There are also channels Eurosport and Eurosport 2.

In 2016 Vivendi agreed to buy 100% stake of Mediaset Premium and 3.5% stake of Mediaset by selling 3.5% stake of Vivendi's shares.[1] However, after inspecting the financial statements as well as income forecast, Vivendi did not wish to enforce the original terms but submitting a revised offer to buy 20% stake in Mediaset Premium, as well as buying convertible bonds of Mediaset Premium.[2] Fininvest, the majority owner of Mediaset, had choose to start legal action to Vivendi.[3]


The offer is currently divided main packages, available in prepaid or through monthly subscriptions.

Package Number's channel Channel Description
Service channels 300 Premium Menu service
301 Premium Play service
Sky 310, 455 Sky TG24 news
311, 456 Sky Uno entertainment
312, 457 Sky Atlantic TV series
313, 458 Fox TV series
314, 459 National Geographic documentaries
468 Sky Sport Uno sports
469 Sky Sport 24 sports news
470 Sky Sport Uno HD sports (HDTV)
Series & Docs 316, 460 Premium Action TV series
317, 461 Premium Crime TV series
318, 462 Premium Joi TV series
319, 463 Premium Stories TV series
320 Investigation Discovery documentaries
Cinema 330, 464 Premium Cinema blockbuster movies
331, 465 Premium Cinema Energy action/crime movies
332, 466 Premium Cinema Emotion drama movies
333, 467 Premium Cinema Comedy comedy movies
334 Studio Universal classic/noir movies
Sports & Football 372 Eurosport sports 24h
373 Eurosport 2 sports 24h
374 Premium Sport sports 24h
375 Premium Sport 2 sports 24h
384 Premium Calcio 1 live football match
385 Premium Calcio 2 live football match
386 Premium Calcio 3 live football match
387 Premium Calcio 4 live football match
388 Premium Calcio 5 live football match
389 Premium Calcio 6 live football match
Service channels 399 Premium Online service

Premium Play[edit]

Premium Play is a streaming service on PC, iPad, Android, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Samsung Smart TV, Windows for subscription customers in conjunction with the TV packages.

Typology Channels Channel Included in the pay-package Description
Extra Cartoon Network On Demand Bambini cartoons and series TV teen/kids
Mediaset Fiction free Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4's best series TV
Mediaset Show free Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4's best shows
Premium Calcio Sport & Calcio football
Premium Cinema Hit Cinema movies
Premium Cinema Italia Cinema movies
Premium Cinema Star Cinema movies
Premium Serie Serie & Doc series TV
Live TGcom24 free news
Premium Calcio Sport & Calcio football
Premium Diretta Calcio 1 Sport & Calcio live football
Premium Diretta Calcio 2 Sport & Calcio live football


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