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Directed by Johannes Wahlström
Produced by Julian Assange
Rebecca O'Brien
Lauren Dark
Music by Anton Kolbe
Cinematography Fedor Lyass
Release date
  • February 13, 2013 (2013-02-13)
Country Sweden

Mediastan is a 2013 documentary film about the 2010 United States diplomatic cables leak, directed by Johannes Wahlström and produced by Julian Assange, Rebecca O'Brien and Lauren Dark.


The suffix -stan (Persian: ـستان‎‎ -stān) is Persian for "place of"[1] or "country"derived from Sanskrit sthan.[2]


Its release was timed[3] to challenge that of The Fifth Estate, a film dramatization about WikiLeaks which Assange has described as a "propaganda attack" against the organization.[4]

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