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Founded in February 1996[1] by Ben Hayman and Steve Hebditch Mediasurface Limited (previously known as Webdevelopment Ltd) was a UK-based supplier of content management systems and associated services.

Their product, (renamed Morello in 2004) was used for websites and intranets at organisations including Aegon, Borealis, T-Mobile, UK Government Home Office, Citigroup, UK Government Environment Agency and Prudential plc.

The company was headquartered in London Bridge until early 2001 when the company moved to a new headquarters in Newbury, UK. Mediasurface floated on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in August 2004.[2] Mediasurface had international offices in the USA, Netherlands, and Australia.

In April 2005 Mediasurface acquired Silverbullet,[3] a small CMS vendor in the Netherlands. Mediasurface redeveloped and relaunched this CMS as Pepperio in May 2006. [4]

In June 2007 Mediasurface acquired Immediacy, a competing CMS vendor, for approximately £5.6 million. [5]

In January 2008 the Pepperio product was acquired by Purestone (a UK based digital agency) [6]

In July 2008 Mediasurface was acquired by Alterian, a marketing software vendor.[7][8][9]

Under the ownership of Alterian the Morello product was renamed Alterian Content Management (ACM) [10]

In 2010 Alterian consolidated to a single CMS platform (ACM) and dropped the Immediacy product.[11]

In January 2012, Alterian was acquired by SDL PLC, a UK-based technology company.[12]


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