Medicago falcata

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Medicago falcata
Medicago falcata bgiu.jpg
Bombus sylvarum - Medicago falcata - Keila.jpg
Scientific classification
M. falcata
Binomial name
Medicago falcata

Medicago aurantiaca Godron
Medicago glandulosa Davidoff
Medicago glutinosa sensu Hayek
Medicago procumbens Besser
Medicago quasifalcata Sinsk.
Medicago romanica Prodan
Medicago sativa subsp. falcata (L.) Arcang.
Medicago sativa subsp. glandulosa (Koch) Arcang.
Medicago talcata L.
Medicago tenderiensis Klokov

Medicago falcata is a plant species of the genus Medicago. It is native to the Mediterranean basin, but is found throughout the world. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti, which is capable of nitrogen fixation. Its common names include yellow lucerne, sickle alfalfa, yellow-flowered alfalfa, yellow alfalfa, sickle medick and yellow medick.

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