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Medical Corps

The Israeli Medical Corps (Hebrew: חֵיל הָרְפוּאָה‬, Heil HaRfu'a) is an Israel Defense Forces corps responsible for providing healthcare services and medical treatment and instruction to all levels of the IDF. During wars or emergencies, it also assumes authority over the civilian healthcare system in Israel. The corps attends to the planning, organization, and supervision over the preparedness of the healthcare system to face crises. As of 2014, the corps is headed by Brigadier General Dr. Dudu Dagan. Its headquarters are located in Tel HaShomer.


A soldier receives medical aid
Memorial in Haifa

The Medical Corps is divided into six brigade- or battalion-level units:

  • Medical Organization Division
  • Medical Division
  • Bahad 10 – The training base and Military Medicine Academy
  • Mental Health Division
  • Dental Health Division
  • Medical Services Center

The Medical Services Center, headed by a colonel, is the corps's main operational unit, consisting of four regional medical service centers.


Name Term
Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Chaim Sheba 1948–1949
Colonel Dr. Avraham Atzmon (he) 1949–1956
Colonel Prof. Baruch Padeh (he) 1956–1962
Brigadier General Dr. Eliyahu Gilon (he) 1962–1967
Brigadier General Dr. Reuven Adler (he) 1967–1972
Brigadier General Dr. Moshe Cordoba (he) 1972–1975
Brigadier General Prof. Dan Michaeli (he) 1975–1979
Brigadier General Prof. Eran Dolev (he) 1979–1983
Brigadier General Dr. Moshe Revach 1983–1987
Brigadier General Prof. Yehuda Danon (he) 1987–1991
Brigadier General Dr. Michael Weiner 1991–1994
Brigadier General Dr. Yehoshua Shemer (he) 1994–1997
Brigadier General Prof. Aryeh Eldad 1997–1999
Brigadier General Dr. Giora Martinovich (he) 1999–2002
Brigadier General Dr. Hezi Levi (he) 2002–2007
Brigadier General Dr. Nachman Ash (he) 2007–2011
Brigadier General Prof. Itzik Kryce (he) 2011–2014
Brigadier General Dr. Dudu Dagan (he) 2014–2017
Brigadier General Dr. Tarif Bader (he) 2017–present

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