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The building nearing completion in 2013

The Global Center for Health Innovation,[1] also known as the Medical Mart, is a $465 million joint venture by Cuyahoga County and MMPI to construct a permanent showroom of medical, surgical and hospital goods along with a new Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.[2] Construction of the project, which is largely being funded by a 0.25% sales tax increase passed by Cuyahoga County commissioners in 2007, began in May 2011. As of February 2013, construction of the joint Medical Mart-Cleveland Convention Center is well underway on the historic Mall.[1]The Medical Mart concept is modeled after that of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and will be managed by MMPI, the same company that operates the Merchandise Mart.

The center is attached to the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel.


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