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Medical Mobile is an operator of mobile telesecurity. This new industry integrates information and telecommunication technologies. It combines hands-free portable telephone, global positioning system (GPS) and intelligent alert system for the benefit of the healthcare sector.

Medical Mobile has distribution and operation exclusiveness in France for products and services of Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc, a Canadian society known as the industry world leader.

The Columba bracelet[edit]

It is a watch size bracelet combining “hands free” portable telephone, intelligent alert system and GPS positioning system. Design for people suffering from a cognitive disease. It enables to locate precisely, if necessary, the person wearing the bracelet (often a person suffering from Alzheimer's). At the time of an emergency situation, a need of help, wandering or straying, Columba allows, not only to locate the carrier, but also to speak to him and evaluate the situation, thanks to the hands free system integrated into the portable