Medical University, Sofia

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Medical University, Sofia
Медицински университет София
Sofia Medical University Logo.jpg
Latin: Universitas Medicinae Serdicensis
Former names
Medical Faculty Sofia University (1917 - 1950)Medical Academy (1950 - 1954) (1972-1995)Higher Medical Institute (1954 - 1972)Medical University, Sofia (1995 - )
MottoErudiendo, Sciendo, Curando
Motto in English
To teach, to research, to cure
RectorProf. Viktor Zlatkov, MD, PhD
Academic staff
ColoursPurple and violet

The Medical University, Sofia (Bulgarian: Медицински университет в София) is a university in Sofia, Bulgaria which was founded in 1917 and is organized in four faculties. Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Public Health. It is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria.


  • Rector: Prof. Victor Zlatkov, MD, PhD
  • Deputy Rector of the Educational Activity: Prof. Dr. Tihomira Zlatanova
  • Deputy Rector for Science and Accreditation: Prof. Valentina Petkova, PhD
  • Deputy Rector of International Integration and Project Financing: Prof. Dr. Radomir Ugrinov


Medical University of Sofia is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. His Majesty Zar Ferdinand founded it by decree in 1917 as a medical faculty of Sofia University.

Worthy to be remembered are doctors M. Russev, A.M. Petrov, St. Vatev, and P. Orahovatz who prepared Alexandrovska hospital’s departments for the needs of future clinics and organized training of teaching stuff. Among the first professors of medicine in Bulgaria were V. Mollov, P. Stojanov, St. Kirkovitch, Iv. Kiprov (first dean), R.H. Kann, T. Petrov, Pashev, At. Teodorov, etc. In 1942 a dentistry department opened and its founders were assistant professor Sl. Davidov, assistant professor G. Stiljanov and professor Al. Stanishev.

  • 1917 - A law is passed by His Majesty Ferdinand I of Bulgaria for the establishment of the Medical Faculty of the Sofia University.
  • 1918 - Professor G. Shishkov perfroms the first lecture.
  • 1950 - The Decree (№ 246) of the Presidium of the National Assembly is passed, resulting in the Medical Faculty becoming independent under the name of Medical Academy and subsequent separation from the University of Sofia.
  • 1954 - The Medical Academy is renamed the Higher Medical Institute
  • 1972 - A unified Medical Academy is established , comprising all the senior medical institutions in Bulgaria
  • 1990 - The unified Medical Academy dissolves. resulting in all higher medical institutes becoming independent
  • 1995 - On the 21st May the Higher Medical Institute is renamed the Medical University


The Medical University is composed of 4 faculties, 1 department, 1 college, 1 affiliate branch and 14 university hospitals. As in most Western European countries and the United States, it consists of 2 main structures - Pre-clinical Base and Clinical Base. It currently employs 1969 lecturers and research associates.


  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical faculty
  • Faculty of Public Health


  • Department of Language Learning and Student Sports

Medical colleges[edit]

  • Medical College "Yordanka Filaretova" , Sofia
  • Medical College, Blagoevgrad

Affiliate Branch[edit]

  • Branch, Vratza

University Hospitals[edit]

  • UMHAT "St. Ivan Rilski "
  • UMBAL "Alexandrovska"
  • UMHAT "St. Anna "
  • UMHAT "Tsaritsa Yoanna"
  • Orbital Master "(in Gorna Banya)
  • Endocrinology UCB
  • USHAL "Maichin dom"
  • Pediatrician Hospital
  • Surgery in maxillo-facial surgery
  • USHAL "St. Ekaterina "
  • USAMALNP "Saint Naum" (IV km)
  • USHAL "St. Sofia"
  • UMBALSM "N. I. Pirogov "

Central Medical Library[edit]

  • Central Medical Library
  • Library at the Faculty of Dentistry
  • Library at the Faculty of Pharmacy

University Electronic, Information and Education Center[edit]

  • Communications Sector
  • Sector "General and specialized information"
  • Sector "Distance learning"
  • Sector "Career Development"
  • Sector "Quality of training and academic staff"
  • Programming and Programming Sector


Faculty of Medicine[edit]

  • Medicine
  • Medical rehabilitation and ergotherapy

Faculty of Dental Medicine[edit]

  • Dental Medicine

Faculty of Pharmacy[edit]

  • Pharmacy

Faculty of Public Health[edit]

  • Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Health care
  • Public health and health management

Medical College[edit]

  • Medical laboratory assistant
  • X-ray technician
  • Rehabilitator
  • Dental technician
  • Assistant pharmacist
  • Public Health Inspector
  • Masseur
  • Medical cosmetician


The medical university was allegedly involved in a corruption scandal. The former Rector of the University Vanyo Mitev was accused of the illegal admission of foreign students. Mitev was subsequently accused of deliberately allowing his subordinate chief secretary to commit an offense in office by allowing 146 foreigners from EU countries to be enrolled to follow medicine without having complied with statutory written competition examinations, but instead by paying money to overpass the legal application process. [1]

In connection with this, lecturers have been found to pass said students when paid for by about 5000 BGN per exam. [2]

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