Medical University of Białystok

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Medical University of Białystok
Uniwersytet Medyczny w Białymstoku
Medical University of Białystok.png
Latin: Academia Medica Bialostocensis
Type Public
Established February 3, 1950
Rector prof. dr hab. Adam Jacek Krętowski
Students 4600
Address Kilińskiego 1, 15-089, Białystok, Poland
Affiliations Socrates-Erasmus

Medical University of Białystok was created in 1950 in a historic building from the 18th century, Pałac Branickich, which is the most historically important building for the city of Białystok.

The university is home to the Medical department with a division of Dentistry and a division of a six-year MD program in English for foreigners, Pharmacology department with Medical Analytics division, and Nursing and Health Protection department with divisions of Physiotherapy, Medical Rescue, Obstetrics, Public Health and Nursing.


Medical University is in Białystok, the capital of Podlaskie Voivodeship in northeastern Poland.


Medical University of Białystok (Branicki Palace)

The Medical University of Białystok was created in accordance to the terms of the Council of Ministers Ordinance of February 3, 1950. The initial activities for establishing the university occurred at the beginning of 1949. The founding father of the university was Dr. Jerzy Sztachelski and Professor Tadeusz Kielanowski presided as the first rector.

The main seat of the Medical University of Białystok was (and is still) in the 18th century Branicki Palace, the most magnificent and precious historic structure in Białystok. The first theoretical science departments were housed adjacent to the palace in Collegium Primum. In the second year of existence the university obtained the right to confer scientific degrees. In 1953, the first clinical departments were created, and in 1954, Collegium Universum was built to house the majority of the theoretical science departments. In 1955, the academic journal, Annals of the Medical University of Białystok, was issued for the first time and is still being published today. In 1956, another academic journal, Medyk Białostocki, was briefly published before it prematurely discontinued. In 2000, the decision to resume publication of the Medyk Białostocki was made.

The State Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Białystok was opened in 1962 and in 1968 the Division of Dentistry was created. In 1977, the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Medical Analytics was established; there was no initial recruitment until 1987, when the first group of students began their studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Medical Analytics. In 1982, Collegium Pathologicum was opened and the Children's Teaching Hospital began admitting patients in 1988. In 1999, Collegium Novum was opened, with the Division of Nursing also created that same year. In 2004, the Division of Medical Education in English was created and the inaugural class of the English language six-year MD program began their studies in 2005.

People of the academy[edit]

Collegium Primum


Total number of students is 2,856. Medical studies at the university take six years. Dentistry and Pharmacy take five years to complete.

Faculty: 600 of which 69 professors, 79 doctors, and 504 academic teachers. Most of the faculty are graduates of the university.

Many of the university graduates hold executives positions in other medical universities and medical center in Poland and abroad. Over 13,000 graduates have obtained a degree from the Medical University in Białystok.


Students of the university participate in activities. One is the University Choir. It was founded in 1951 by a group of students. It is a mixed choir which consists of students of the academy and doctors. The choir performs oratorio works as well as sacred and secular a cappella compositions. The University Choir takes part in many international festivals and competitions in both Poland and abroad.

The Students’ Scientific Society is an organization of medical students and interns engaged in the work of Students’ Scientific Circles operating in almost all departments of the university. They carry out laboratory experiments, conduct clinical research and acquire practical skills. Some of the students are co-authors of publications in Polish and foreign professional journals. The Polish Dental Students Association was founded in 1997 in Wroclaw. The main goal of the association is to create the structures that represent dentistry students and look after their business in different areas.


  • Rector: Professor Jacek Nikliński MD, PhD
  • Vice Rector of Students Affairs: Professor Robert Flisiak MD, PhD
  • Vice Rector for Science's Affairs: Professor Adam Krętowski MD, PhD
  • Vice Rector for Clinical Affairs: Professor Zezon Mariak MD, PhD
  • Dean of Faculty of Medicine: Professor Andrzej Dąbrowski MD, PhD
  • Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy: Professor Elżbieta Skrzydlewska PhD
  • Professor Dr. Jakub Chlebowski was a Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

Teaching hospitals[edit]

The Teaching Hospital of the Medical Academy of Białystok is a teaching and research center for the university departments. In addition, it offers a wide variety of health services, ranging from simple procedures to highly specialized ones, all financed by the Ministry of Health and Social Care.

The Children's Teaching Hospital is the second biggest hospital in the city. Its modern equipment and professional teaching staff make up an excellent teaching base for medical students. About 10 000 sick children are hospitalized here yearly. Another 120 000 are given consultations in out-patient departments.

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