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Not to be confused with medical bag.

A medicine bag is usually a small pouch, worn by some Indigenous peoples of the Americas, that contains items associated with spiritual healing. A personal medicine bag may also contain sacred objects that symbolize personal well-being and tribal identity. Traditionally, medicine bags are worn under the clothing. Their contents are private, secret, and are not intended for display.

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Bandolier bag[edit]

"One Called From A Distance" (Midwewinind) of the White Earth Band, 1894. He is shown here wearing a Bandolier bag, with the strap across his chest.

Often incorrectly called a "medicine bag," a bandolier bag is a bag with a wide strap, often ornately decorated with beadwork, presented to represent honors given to a worthy man. Though bandolier bags are closely associated with the Anishinaabeg, they are not exclusively found among them as many bandolier bags have identifiable stylistic tribal and regional differences. A bandolier bag may be worn either across the shoulder to the side or in front like an apron. In the Anishinaabe language, "bandolier bag(s)" is aazhooningwa'igan(ag), literally meaning "worn across the shoulder".

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