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MedicoLegal Investigations Ltd (MLI) is a United Kingdom private limited company which works with pharmaceutical companies to investigate alleged fraud and misconduct in medical research.[1] Based in Cambridge, England, it was established in July 1996 by Frank Wells, former Director of Medical Affairs for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and Peter Jay, retired detective chief inspector for Scotland Yard and former senior investigator for the General Medical Council Solicitors,[2] and describes itself as an "independent external whistleblower service".

MLI works primarily with the pharmaceutical industry to detect fraud in industry-funded medical research. The company asserts that it has investigated over eighty research studies in conjunction with the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries, leading to disciplinary proceedings against 27 doctors at the General Medical Council (GMC), all but one of whom were found guilty of serious professional misconduct. The Sunday Times, The Observer, and Daily Express have published articles examining MLI's investigations of doctors and research studies.


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