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Medicon Valley Alliance is the Danish-Swedish cluster organisation representing human life sciences in Medicon Valley. As a non-profit member organisation, Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) carries out initiatives on behalf of the local life science community in order to create new research and business opportunities - initiatives which members would not be able to implement individually, and which strengthen the development of Medicon Valley.

MVA's member base comprises biotech, medtech and pharma companies of all sizes, CRO's and CMO's, as well as public organisations, universities, science parks, investors, and various business service providers. You may find an overview of all members at, including contact information, pipeline, contract services and jobs.

MVA is committed to facilitate economic growth, increased competitiveness and employment in Medicon Valley, and is furthermore committed to raise the international recognition of Medicon Valley with the aim of attracting labour, investments, and partners. MVA accomplish this by enhancing local networks, improving local framework conditions, increasing the visibility of Medicon Valley and facilitating international relations to companies and research institutions around the world.

MVA's key tool for facilitating international relations is The Life Science Ambassador Program - a global network of innovative life science clusters around the world. The Life Science Ambassador Program provides life science companies and research institutions a unique opportunity to find partners, collaborators, investors, and sponsors around the world.

There are currently +260 MVA-members including numerous big and small private biotech companies and public sector research institutions. Among the most prominent members are Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma, Technical University of Denmark, University of Lund and University of Copenhagen

CEO of Medicon Valley Alliance is, Stig Jørgensen.

Chairman of the board (2014) is CEO of Visita, Eva Östling. Deputy chairman is prof. Morten Sommer, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


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