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Mediehuset København (Mediahouse Copenhagen) is a media production company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's core business is production of content for all digital media platforms such as television, corporate websites and social media: Facebook, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter. Mediehuset Copenhagen has also worked as a broadcast company for many television stations in Denmark - including Kanal København and Kanal Hovedstaden. Mediehuset København has many years of experience in developing and implementing of training and courses in digital media production for a wide range of organizations and companies.

Mediehuset København (Media House Copenhagen) is the only media house in Denmark producing video and TV with EU content every day. is a web portal with exclusively European and EU content. is developed by Mediehuset København with support from the European Board in Denmark. The site is in Danish.

Mediehuset København is a media company with facilities for

  • Broadcasting
  • Green screen and digital design productions
  • Corporate video productions
  • Streaming & flow TV
  • Live streaming to internet, intranet, Facebook and YouTube

Mediehuset København has since 1994 served as a production facility house and Broadcaster for several TV stations, including broadcasters at Channel Capital (Kanal Hovedstaden). The headquarters (located at the Central Station in Copenhagen) includes i.a.

  • 3-camera HD studio with green screen
  • Digital design studio setups for productions for TV, video production and live streaming
  • Broadcast facilities (able to transmit broadcasts direct from playout systems / digital program execution)

The virtual studio is a computer generated studio where presenters and guests are placed in a digital scenography. It’s especially useful when producing several different productions over a short time frame, as for example with corporate TV.

Mediehuset København daily produces TV shows and videos, from talk shows, discussion programs, consumer programs, magazine feature and news reports - for business portraits, advertising, sponsorship billboards, trailers and vignettes.

In 2008 Mediehuset København began the development of User-generated TV (BGTV). A project that intends to enable a method in which TV viewers produce content for TV. The content is transmitted directly from e.g. the user's mobile phone.


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