Medieval Mayor

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Medieval Mayor
Developer(s)Tilted Mill Entertainment
Platform(s)PC, tablets[1]

Medieval Mayor is a city-building game set in the Middle Ages under development by Tilted Mill Entertainment. It is currently stuck, however, in development hell.


Unlike the previous two games by Tilted Mill Entertainment, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile and Caesar IV, the game will not use a 3D engine but return to the 2D engine, because Tilted Mill thinks "2D works better in terms of players being able to tell what’s going on at a glance".[1] Walkers will once again be limited by roadblocks instead of the more recent radius-based or pseudo walker systems,[1] and players will focus more on building a few cities to great heights, rather than restart a new city after each mission.[1] There will be no multiplayer, but Tilted Mill is planning integration with social media.[1]

As of October 11, 2013 Medieval Mayor was put on hiatus due to funding challenges and other project commitments. While Tilted Mill hopes they will be able to return to the game sometime in the near future, there is no set time table as to when or if development will recommence.[2]


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