Medina, Cundinamarca

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Location of the town and municipality of Medina in Cundinamarca Department.

Medina is a municipality and town of Colombia in the department of Cundinamarca.

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Coordinates: 4°31′N 73°21′W / 4.517°N 73.350°W / 4.517; -73.350

Medina, historic and geographically, has more in common with the Llanos of Colombia than with the Andean department of Cundinamarca, of which it is an appendage. Cattle and tropical crops like corn, rice and plantain are its economic engine. Its land is very fertile, its climate is soothed by gentle breezes that descend from its Farallones, or cliffs. People. "Del rey abajo ninguno" From the king down, no one rules over its inhabitants. In a cattle driven society your social standing depends not on how much earn and how much land you own, but how well you are respected for your horse riding control, social graces, your proud standing among neighbors and friends, your ability to withstand suffering and adversity without complaining, and your generosity towards the needy, specially the children and the widows. Oil. Oil was discovered in the 1930s but it wasn't until the 1980s when it started to flow towards Villavicencio and Bogota in heavy oil tankers.