Medina Cable Access

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Medina Cable Access
Medina, Ohio
Channels Analog: 36 (Educational), 37 (Government)
Digital: 201 (Educational)
Affiliations City of Medina, Medina City Schools, ONN
Owner City of Medina
Founded 1995

Medina Cable Access is the Educational-access television and Government-access television (GATV) cable TV channel for Medina, Ohio. They are also the Medina affiliate for the Ohio News Network. MCA originally was an Educational-access television channel founded in 1995, then in 1997 they also took on government broadcasting.[1] The station is run under a civil government organization charter to a population of 25,000. They are funded by a Cable television franchise fee paid by Armstrong Cable, which is set to last until 2010 by contract. The city has passed an ordiance to ensure that future cable franchise fees will be collected.[2]

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