Medina Wharf Halt railway station

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Medina Wharf
Newport to Cowes cycleway 571583.jpg
A spot near the site of Medina Wharf Halt [1]
Place Inlet, River Medina
Area Isle of Wight
Grid reference SZ 499943
Pre-grouping Isle of Wight Central Railway (1887 to 1923)
Post-grouping Southern Railway (1923 to 1948)
Southern Region of British Railways (1948 to 1966)
Platforms 1
1896 Opened
21 February 1966 Closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
170433 at Edinburgh Waverley.JPG UK Railways portal
A 1914 Railway Clearing House map of lines around The Isle of Wight.

Medina Wharf Railway Station was a private halt between Cowes and Newport on the Isle of Wight that provided a way for workers at the nearby wharf to get to work before the road was laid. No shelter for its few passengers was ever provided[2] and it never appeared on a public timetable.[3] Additionally a non-passenger-carrying coal train transported coal from the siding via the halt to Ryde.[4] After the Southern Railway took over from the IWCR the whole complex was extensively rebuilt.

After the closure of the passenger station in 1966, freight traffic continued for about a year until the track was lifted in the early 1970s.[5] The trackway is now part of NCN route 23.[6]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Cement Mills Halt   British Rail
Southern Region

IoW CR : Newport to Cowes line
  Mill Hill


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Coordinates: 50°44′48″N 1°17′38″W / 50.7468°N 1.2940°W / 50.7468; -1.2940