Medio millón por una mujer

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Medio millón por una mujer
Directed by Francisco Múgica
Written by Arturo Cerretani from the play by Louis Verneuil
Starring Eva Franco, Elías Alippi and Enrique Serrano
Music by Enrique Delfino
Cinematography José María Beltrán
Release date
6 March 1940
Running time
91 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Medio millón por una mujer (Half a Million for a Woman) is a 1940 Argentine film.


The 91-minute black and white film was directed for Lumiton by Francisco Múgica. The script was written by Arturo Cerretani.[1] The comedy was based on a play by Louis Verneuil, and retained its theatrical structure despite being filmed with a moving camera.[2] The film starred Eva Franco, Elías Isaac Alippi and Enrique Serrano.[1]


The film is a sophisticated comedy where Elías Alippi plays a playboy who plans the kidnapping of Eva Franco, unhappy wife of millionaire miser.[3] He poses as a doctor. The consequences are unexpected.[4]


In the 1940s established film producers were looking to capture foreign markets, while others felt that films should be authentic to local traditions. The critic Raimundo Calcagno ("Calki") saw no conflict. In his view Medio millón por una mujer was an example of a film with a local theme that could be shown in foreign markets and that would give prestige to the Argentine film industry. It could compete with any frivolous comedy made in Hollywood.[5]


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