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Mediolanum Santonum

Coordinates: 45°44′47″N 0°38′00″W / 45.7464°N 0.6333°W / 45.7464; -0.6333
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Mediolanum Santonum was a Roman town in Gallia Aquitania, now Saintes. It was founded in about 20 BC in connection with an expansion of the network of Roman roads serving Burdigala. The name means 'centre of the Santones',[1] the tribe that then inhabited the area; the town became an important center in the Roman province of Gallia Aquitania.



The principal extant monuments of the Roman period are:


45°44′47″N 0°38′00″W / 45.7464°N 0.6333°W / 45.7464; -0.6333


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