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Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Morocco
Products Mobile phone lines
Website meditel.ma
Director of Meditel

Méditel (or Médi Télécom) is one of three licensed telecommunications operators in Morocco. Its headquarters is based in Casablanca.

Méditel obtained the second license of mobile telephony in Morocco in 1999. It began its commercial operations on 29 March 2000.


Méditel in Hay Ryad (fr)

The initial ownership structure was composed of five shareholders: Portugal Telecom (32.18%), Telefónica (32.18%), FinanceCom, the first Moroccan financial group (18.06%), the Moroccan industrial group HoldCo (CDG and Akwa Group (17.59%). However, in September 2009, Portugal Telecom and Telefónica sold their stakes to local investors.[1]

FinanceCom and CDG then own equal parts (50%). In 2010, France Télécom (now Orange S.A.) bought 40 percent of Moroccan telecoms operator Meditel for €640 million ($840 million).[2]


By the end of 2008, Méditel counted approximately 7.8 million users with revenues over 5 Billion MAD (approx 450 Million Euros) and EBITDA of more than 2.3 Billion MAD. It is the second Moroccan mobile operator, following Maroc Telecom, the leader in the Moroccan market.

Meditel is a multi service operator offering consumer and business solutions using various technologies including GSM (900 MHz), WIMAX, GPRS and lately was one of the first operators in the world to offer HSDPA mobile 3G+ internet solutions. The company has been ranked the 12th largest company in Morocco and employs close to 1000 people directly and more than 12 000 indirectly.


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