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2011 Mediterranean Challenge Cup

The Mediterranean Challenge Cup is a ten-pin bowling competition for the federations around Mediterranean Sea. It is recognised by the European Tenpin Bowling Federation and is played since 1998. Each eligible federation sends two men and two women to compete for medals in Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles (added in 2012), Teams, All-Events and Masters (added in 2007).


I MCC - Nicosia 1998[edit]

The first Mediterranean Challenge Cup was held in Nicosia (Cyprus) in 1998 with players from Greece, Israel, Malta and Cyprus. Dimitrios Karetsos (Greece) won gold medals in Singles, Doubles, Teams, and All-Events.

II MCC - St. Julian's 1999[edit]

The second MCC was held in St. Julian's (Malta) and included a new team, Turkey. Steve Calleja (Malta) won three gold medals in Doubles, Team, and All-events.

III MCC - Athens 2000[edit]

Athens (Greece) hosted the 2000 MCC with a new team from the western shore of the Mediterranean sea, Spain. Sue Abela (Malta) won gold medals in Singles, Doubles, All-Events and a silver in the teams event.

IV MCC - Nicosia 2001[edit]

The fourth MCC was held in Nicosia (Cyprus) for the second time, and one of the teams withdrew, Turkey. Dimitrios Karetsos (Greece) won gold medals in all the men's events (Singles, Doubles, and All-Events) and a bronze in the teams event.

V MCC - Barcelona 2002[edit]

In 2002 the MCC was held in Barcelona, increasing the number of teams to seven with the return of Turkey and the first participation of France. It was played from April 12 to 13 in the Bowling Pedralbes, and the Greece national team won the gold medal in the teams event. Sue Abela (Malta) and Bertrand Pujol (France) both won gold medals in singles and masters.[1] France ended up winning the most medals in the 2002 MCC in their first participation, 3 golds, 2 silver, 2 bronze.

VI MCC - Istanbul 2003[edit]

The sixth MCC was held in the Korukent Cosmic Bowling of Istanbul (Turkey). Greece and France withdrew and Italy joined the MCC. Best players were Lluís Montfort (Spain), who won three gold medals, and Sue Abela (Malta) who won two gold and two bronze medals.[2]

VII MCC - Rome 2004[edit]

The seventh MCC was played in Rome (Italy). Gibraltar and San Marino joined the competition and Greece returned. Best players were Sue Abela (Malta), winning three gold and one silver medals and Marco Reviglio (Italy) with 2 gold and 1 silver medals.[3]

VIII MCC - St. Julian's 2005[edit]

The eighth MCC was held in St. Julian's (Malta) for the second time,with Turkey withdrawing. Three players won two gold medals: Sue Abela (Malta), Anastasia Rovithaki (Greece) and Marcial Ovide (Spain).[4]

IX MCC - San Marino 2006[edit]

San Marino held the 2006 MCC. Turkey returned, Morocco joined the Cup and Spain withdrew. Just like in 2000, Sue Abela (Malta) won gold medals in Singles, Doubles, All-Events and a silver in the teams event.[5]

X MCC - Mersin 2007[edit]

Eleven teams played in Mersin (Turkey), with the return of France and Spain from March 27 to April 3 at Rollhouse Bowling Center of Mersin. A Masters event was introduced, which consisted of the top 8 in the All-Events standings for men and women. Chiara Roiati (Italy) and Mark Spiteri (Malta) emerged as winners of the masters event. Best players were Natassa Rovithaki (Greece), winning two gold medals and one bronze medal and Emmanuel Michaud (France) winning two gold medals and one silver medal.[6]

XI MCC - Chania 2008[edit]

The eleventh MCC was held in Chania (Greece). The teams were the same as last year except Israel and Morocco, both withdrawing. Sue Abela (Malta) won two gold medals (Singles and All-Events) and a bronze medal. Sebastien Henry (France) won four medals, one gold which came in singles, one silver, and two bronzes.[7]

XII MCC - Montpellier 2009[edit]

The twelfth MCC was held in Montpellier (France) from April 23 to 25. Ten teams participated with Spain withdrawing and the inclusion of Catalonia and the return of Israel. The winners of the individual events were Ioannis Stathatos (Grece) and Sue Abela (Malta), who also won the masters . In the doubles events Daniele Fiorentini-Frederico Rossi (Italy) and Natassa Rovithaki-Georgia Papadimitriou (Greece) won. French national team won the teams event. Masters event champion was Lluís Montfort (Catalonia) after being the best in the combined classification (All-events). Lluís Montfort (Catalonia) was the most successful bowler, winning five medals: two golds, two silvers, and a bronze.[8]

XIII MCC - Paphos 2010[edit]

In 2010 the MCC was held in Paphos (Cyprus) from April 15 to 17. The teams were the same as 2009. Antonio Francesco (Italy) and Liat Vizenfeld (Israel) won the singles events. Antonio Francesco-Marco Reviglio (Italy) and Niki Schiza-Myria Kastori(Cyprus) won the doubles event. Cyprus national team were the best in the teams event. The All events classification were for Marco Reviglio (Italy) and Niki Schiza (Cyprus), and the Masters event were won by Or Aviram and Sarit Mizrahi, both from Israel.

XIV MCC - Barcelona 2011[edit]

2011 Mediterranean Challenge Cup

In 2011 the MCC was held in Barcelona (Catalonia) for the second time, increasing the number of teams to 13 with the first participation of Croatia,[9] Slovenia[10] and Tunisia.[11] It was played from March 30 to April 2 in the Bowling Pedralbes. Sue Abela (Malta) and Georgios Stefanidis (Greece) won the singles events, Carannante-Abela (Malta) and Stefanidis-Krizinis (Greece) won the doubles events and France won the teams event. The "All Event" winners were Sue Abela (Malta) and Habib Dogan (Turkey) and the Masters champions were Niki Schiza (Cyprus) and Marco Reviglio (Italy).

XV MCC - San Marino 2012[edit]

In 2012 the MCC was held in San Marino for the second time from April 17 to 21 at Rose'n Bowl with the same 13 teams as 2011. Sandra Torrents (Catalonia) and Maurizio Celli (Italy) won the singles events. The winners in the doubles event were Ebru Ozogluuntur-Adile Michajlow (Turkey) and George Stefanidis-Evangelos Krizinis (Greece), the Greek team winning for the second straight year. A new event, mixed doubles, was added to the schedule, with Daniela Buzzeli-Enzo Zucchinelli emerging as winners. The teams event was won by Greece. The "All Event" winners were Sandra Torrents (Catalonia) and Evangelos Krizinis (Greece). The Masters champions were Sue Abela (Malta) and Adile Michajlow (Turkey).

XVI MCC - Ljubljana 2013[edit]

In 2013 the MCC was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from April 9 to 13 at Bowling Klub 300. 13 teams participated, with Spain returning and Catalonia withdrawing. The singles events were won by Helga Di Benedetto (Italy) and Justin Scicluna (Malta). The winners in the doubles event were Sue Abela-Tiziana Carannante (Malta) and Julien Sermand-Nicolas Marchand (France). Mixed doubles was won by Alexandra Zormpa-Ioannis Maroussis (Greece). Italy won the teams event. The "All Event" winners were Sue Abela (Malta) and Anze Grabrijan (Slovenia). Anze Grabrijan's All-Events gold medal was the first ever for Slovenia in the MCC. Masters champions were Myria Kastori (Cyprus) and Tolga Sismanogullar (Turkey). Croatia won its first ever medal in the MCC when Mise Mrkonjic won a bronze in the men's masters event.

XVII MCC - Gibraltar 2014[edit]

In 2014 the MCC was held in Gibraltar from April 2 to 5 at King’s Bastion Leisure Centre. 10 teams participated, with Catalonia returning, while Croatia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey withdrew. The singles events were won by Sue Abela (Malta) and Lior Bar (Israel). The doubles winners were Lauriane Célié-Stéphanie Dubourg (France) and Anže Grabrijan-Nino Stenko (Slovenia). Mixed doubles winners were Stéphanie Dubourg-Rémy Laudy (France). Greece won the teams event. The "All Event" winners were Lauriane Célié (France) and George Stefanidis (Greece). Célié snd Stefanidis also won the Masters event. Gibraltar won its first ever medal in the MCC, when Adam Shrubb won a bronze medal in the men's masters event.

XVIII MCC - Chania 2015[edit]

In 2015, the MCC was held in Chania (Greece) for the second time. It took place at Mega Place bowling center from April 21-26. 12 federations participated, with Croatia, Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey returning. Catalonia and France withdrew. The singles events were won by Ivana Crajacic (Croatia) and Francisco Rodriguez (Spain). The doubles winners were Giada Dimartino-Annalisa Balzano (Italy) and Stavros Parasakis-Ioannis Stathatos (Greece). Mixed doubles winners were Adile Michajlow-Habib Dogan (Turkey). Malta won the teams event. The "All Event" winners were Sue Abela (Malta) and Francisco Rodriguez (Spain). Masters champions were Gulhan Aksular (Turkey) and Anze Grabrijan (Slovenia).

XVIV MCC - Bologna 2016[12][edit]

In 2016, the MCC will be held in Bologna (Italy).

Medal history[edit]

Medal history MCC 1998-2015 [13]
Gold Silver Bronze Tot
1  Malta 36 23 28 87
2  Greece 34 26 30 90
3  Italy 17 23 29 69
4  France 15 13 10 38
5  Israel 13 14 23 50
6  Spain 11 16 11 38
7  Turkey 7 12 11 30
8  Cyprus 7 5 9 21
9  Catalonia 4 7 6 17
10  Slovenia 3 5 5 13
11  Croatia 1 0 2 3
12  San Marino 0 1 1 2
13  Gibraltar 0 0 1 1


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