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In telecommunication, a medium-power talker is a hypothetical talker, within a log-normal distribution of talkers, whose volume lies at the medium power of all talkers determining the volume distribution at the point of interest.

When the distribution follows a log-normal curve (values expressed in decibels), the mean and standard deviation can be used to compute the medium-power talker. The talker volume distribution follows a log-normal curve and the medium-power talker is uniquely determined by the average talker volume. The medium-power talker volume, V, is given by V = V o + 0.115σ2, where V o is the average of the talker volume distribution in volume units (vu), and σ2 is the variance of the distribution.

 This article incorporates public domain material from the General Services Administration document "Federal Standard 1037C" (in support of MIL-STD-188).