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The Mediumwave Transmitter Bremen is the mediumwave broadcasting facility of Radio Bremen situated at Bremen-Oberneuland, Germany. It operates at 936 kHz, with a transmitter output power of 50 kW. The new transmitter at Bremen-Oberneuland was built in 1999 as a replacement for the old transmission facility of Radio Bremen at Leher Feld, which was demolished to make room for an industrial area.

Today the mediumwave transmitter Bremen is the only transmitter owned by Radio Bremen — all other transmitters now used by Radio Bremen are the property of Deutsche Telekom — uses a cage aerial, mounted on a 45-metre (146 feet) high, grounded, guyed lattice steel mast. This aerial has a high gain of 4.5 dB, which means that the 50 kW transmitter feeding it produces the same effect as a 140 kW transmitter feeding an antenna with a gain of 1 dB.

The broadcasts from this transmitter reach all northern Germany during daylight, except the most eastern areas. At night it covers all of Europe, although a transmitter operating at the same frequency in Lviv, Ukraine often interferes with it.

In 2006 the aerial mast got a new coat of paint.

Due to financial difficulties, Radio Bremen switched off the transmitter in March 2010 "temporarily" and dismantled it after only 200 people voiced their protest.

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Coordinates: 53°06′31″N 8°56′10″E / 53.10861°N 8.93611°E / 53.10861; 8.93611