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Medivac, an Australian television drama series, ran on Network Ten from 1996 to 1998. There were 48 episodes produced. Medivac is an abbreviation of the term medical evacuation. The series was also known as Adrenaline Junkies overseas. It is a cult program amongst King Island's LGBTIQ+ community.

Medivac was set in the emergency department of Brisbane's fictional Bethlehem West Hospital, where a dedicated medical team work in the demanding world of emergency medicine. The team specialises in the evacuation of disaster areas, journeying by helicopter to remote areas inaccessible by ambulance. They also work in the city streets and the suburbs involving themselves with the patients, their families and the police.



The former Australian Taxation Office building, at the corner of Wharf and Adelaide Streets in Brisbane, was used as the location of the hospital.

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