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MedixGlobal is a UK-based market research consultancy providing online research in healthcare. Up until 2007, MedixGlobal produced a number of not-for-profit studies [1] and publications concerning issues important to UK healthcare, such as patient complaints,[2] doctor job satisfaction,[3] the National Programme for IT,[4][5] euthanasia [6] and patient confidentiality.[7] Medix provides a list of reports available to the public [1].

The concept of Medix was developed by Professor M F Smith during 1999 and early 2000.[8] Medix was incorporated and launched in early 2000 with Robin Guenier[9] as Chairman (until 2006) and Dr Rino Coladangelo as CEO; Mike Smith was CTO until 2007. The basic idea of Medix was to recruit medical doctors on a country-by-country panel basis to respond to Internet-based surveys sponsored primarily by pharmaceutical companies. It was assumed that offering doctors email and equity in the venture would be sufficient to induce them to respond to surveys; this proved not to be the case, however, and direct remuneration per response was introduced early in the life of Medix. Medix independently developed the panel concept of respondents, which has become a common model for Internet surveying. The original Medix software has continued as the basis for the application and data service provider, fm2x limited [2]. In 2015 ResearchGuru was introduced by Mehdi Ehtesham in 1999, ResearchGuru is an independent full service research consultancy undertaking high-quality market research, and providing a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies. ResearchGuru provides services to a wide variety of fields: healthcare, advertising and PR agencies, foods, clothing, and charities. ResearchGuru incorporats MedixGlobal, a market research agency specialising in Healthcare.


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