Medulla Oblongata (film)

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Medulla Oblongata is a Malayalam movie produced by S. Madhan and directed by Suresh Nair. It is a remake of Tamil film Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom. The remake stars Rahul Madhav and newcomer Avaana.


Chandru (Rahul Madav) is all set to marry his lover Nidhi Patel (Avana). Two days before the wedding, Chandru plays a leisurely cricket match with his best friends Appachan (Saiju Kurup), Seetharaman (Arjun Nandakumar) and Mani Kantan (Rakendu). While attempting to catch a ball, Chandru falls down and gets hit on the area of the head where the medulla oblongata is located and temporarily loses his memory of the past year. In the process, he even forgets about Nidhi and the impending marriage. After a doctor tells them that Chandru will regain his memory in two days, Appachan, Mani Kantan and Seetharaman decide not to disclose the truth to his relatives, especially to Nidhi.



Deccan Chronicle wrote, "On the whole, debutant director Suresh Nair's low budget movie filled with endearing and engaging moments has managed to offer a wholesome entertainment that warms the cockles of your heart."[1]


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