Medway River (Nova Scotia)

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Medway River
Country Canada
Basin features
River mouth Atlantic Ocean
sea level
Basin size 2,012 km2 (777 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 121 km (75 mi)

Medway River is a river in Queen's County, on the Southwestern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. At 121 kilometres long,[1] it is one of the major rivers of Nova Scotia and once supported a large run of Atlantic salmon. Historically, it was an important corridor to the interior waters of Nova Scotia such as Ponhook and Molega Lakes and as a log driving river for the lumber industry.

Together with Herring Cove and related smaller inlets, the drainage basis of the Medway is measured at 2,012 km² including 166 km² of water.[2]

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Coordinates: 44°15′34.4″N 64°50′22.5″W / 44.259556°N 64.839583°W / 44.259556; -64.839583