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MeeBOX is a television pilot broadcast on 22 June 2008 on BBC Three. It is a sketch show written by and starring Adam Buxton. The show is set on a video hosting website, featuring sketches involving archive manipulation, cut ups, sketches, revoiced clips, animations, spoof pop videos, lip-synching and mock TV clips. Its theme music was composed by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, a friend of Buxton.[1] The pilot was not picked up.[2]


The pilot included a range of sketches:

  • Famous Guy - A big-name Hollywood actor. He appears in a series of sketches in which he is interviewed about his films.
  • Sign Language - A signer gives an explanation to a clip, while Buxton provides a false commentary on the footage.
  • 10,000 Things Which Are Sooo Crap - A parody of list shows.
  • General Tony - A man dressed up as an alien gives his responses to other people's web videos and comments.
  • Talking Independent Film with Ken Korda - A film review show hosted by Ken Korda, a character who appears in Buxton's previous television series The Adam and Joe Show.
  • Songs - A series of comic songs appear in the show. These are a hymn given rude subtitles called "Songs of Praise: When I Was Nasty", "The Sausages Song" and "Don't Make me a Target".
  • Software Tutorial - A man gives a guide to some film-making software, designed to create a blockbuster movie.
  • Today on Xantiar - A mock news clip, showing footage of Queen Elizabeth II, but claiming the footage is from an alien planet.
  • Baaaddad's Clichéd Memories of Punk - Buxton's father Nigel Buxton presents his views on punk rock.
  • Phone Expert Accident - A manipulated clip of a mobile phone expert having his head inflated.


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