Mee Siput Muar

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Mee Siput Muar
Mee Siput Muar.png
Mee Siput Muar with sambal
Alternative namessimply Mee Siput or Mee Sanggul
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateMuar, Johor, Malaysia
Created byMalay
Main ingredientsWheat flour, cooking oil

Mee Siput Muar is a famous local snack originated and most available in Muar, Johor, Malaysia.[1][2] It got it's name as it is made of wheat flour that shaped into noodle thread and swirl like the shell of a snail or "siput" in Malay.[3] It is then deep-fried in cooking oil until become crispy and crunchy cracker condition snack. It is best eaten with sambal; chili sauce or paste.[4]


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