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Mee siput

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Mee Siput Muar
Traditional Mee Siput Muar with sambal
Alternative namesMee Siput
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateMuar, Johor, Malaysia
Main ingredientsWheat flour, cooking oil

Mee Siput Muar or simply Mee Siput is a cracker which originated from and is commonly available in Muar, Johor, Malaysia.[1]

Mee Siput Muar is traditionally and originally hand-made of flour dough which was rolled, stretched into long noodle-like strips or strings before swirled in a circular spiral pattern to resemble the shell of a siput, or snail in Malay.[2] They are dried in the sun before being deep-fried in cooking oil until crispy and crunchy.[3] The ready-to-eat snack may be served with condiments like sambal, chili paste or chili soya sauce.[4] Beside its spiral snail-look-aliked shape which has contributed to the name of Mee Siput,[5] the so-called snail noodle cracker also has a crispy texture similar to the light, brittle feeling of a snail shell once it breaks in the mouth.[6]

In present times, the factory and machinery produced mee siput mostly were not made in the traditional "snail shell" form, but rather in a randomly swirled pattern due to mass production for durability, efficiency and commercial reasons.[7]

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