Mee bandung Muar

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Mee bandung Muar
Haa tuu diaa mee bandung joho.jpg
A bowl of Mee bandung.
Alternative namesMee bandung
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateJohor

Mee bandung Muar, or simply Mee bandung, is a traditional Southeast Asian cuisine which originated in Muar, Johor, Malaysia.[1][2] The word bandung in its name is derived from the literal meaning of the word in the Malay language, which means "mixed" or "pairs", as is illustrated in several Malay words like Sirap bandung (rose syrup beverage mixed with condensed milk) and Rumah berbandung (semi-detached house).

Mee bandung is a cuisine that originally consisted of noodles and eggs in addition to a soup made of a mixture of chilli, onion, spices, shrimp paste and dried shrimp. Later it was improved by the addition of shrimp, meat, fish cakes and vegetables.[3] Even though Mee bandung is now available throughout Malaysia, the version served in Muar is still considered the best.[4][5]


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