Mee ka tee

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Mee ka tee
Alternative namesmee katee Lao, mee kati Vientiane, mee gati
Place of originLaos
Main ingredientsRice noodles, coconut milk, egg, curry
Similar dishesKhao poon

Mee ka tee (Lao: ໝີ່ກະທິ), also known as mee ka tee Lao, mee ka tee Vientiane, Laotian pork curry noodle soup, mee kati, mee kathi or mee gati, is a Laotian red curry and coconut milk egg drop noodle soup[1] originating from Vientiane, Laos.[citation needed] Mee ka tee is a noodle soup consisting of rice noodles in broth with coconut cream, hand-pounded red curry paste, ground (minced) pork, peanuts and egg, topped with fresh shredded cabbage, cilantro, green onions, beansprouts and mint.[2] Sometime mee ka tee is served with Laotian puffed sticky rice and deep fried sun dried peppers.

Mee ka tee in the Lao language literally means "coconut milk noodles". Mee means 'noodle', and ka tee means 'coconut cream/milk'. It is said to be the sweeter and creamier cousin of khao poon, or even a soupy version of pad Thai.[3][4]

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