Meelis Friedenthal

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Meelis Friedenthal in 2012.

Meelis Friedenthal (born 24 October 1973) is an Estonian writer of speculative fiction/science fiction. He has a doctorate from the University of Tartu, where he also taught in the faculty of theology and history.

Friedenthal's first novel Golden Age was published in 2004. His story "Nerissa" won an Estonian science fiction prize in 2005. His second novel Mesilased (The Bees) is a work of historical fiction and won the EU Prize for Literature in 2013.[1] The novel has been subsequently translated into Dutch, Italian, Latvian, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian and English. The English translation of the novel by Matthew Hyde is titled The Willow King (published by Pushkin Press, 2017). Friedenthals third novel Inglite keel (The Language of Angels) was published in 2016 and was shortlisted for the highest national award in Estonia (Kultuurkapitali aastapreemia).[2]