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Meem (in Arabic language م ) is a Lebanese LBTQ women group that was founded in August 2007 as the first ever lesbian organization established in the Arab World. The full name is مجموعة مؤازرة للمرأة المثليّة, pronounced /Majmou3at Mou'azara lil Mar’a al-Mithliya/ (translated as Support Group for Lesbian Women).

Membership has risen above 200.[citation needed]

The group was formed as an offshoot of Helem, the general GLBT organization started in 2002 in Lebanon, again the first-ever gay organization established in the Arab World.[citation needed]

Origin of the name[edit]

The name “Meem” is derived from the Arabic letter “m” (Meem) which stands for "majmouaat mou'azara lil-mar’a al-mithliya" (a support group for lesbian women). In Arabic, the letter looks like this (in Arabic م ). The letter "meem" as an initial for the word lesbian (in Arabic مثليّة pronounced /mithliya/) also symbolizes the anonymity of lesbians in the Arab world.


The group offers community support, psychological counseling, an activity center, legal support, social events, and the opportunity to work on social change.[1] Meem also hosts a Womyn House that serves as an activity and resource center in Beirut.

The goal of Meem is to create a safe space in Lebanon where lesbians can meet, talk, discuss issues, share experiences, and work on improving their lives and themselves.


Membership in Meem is restricted only to LBTQ women who are Lebanese (anywhere in the world) or living in Lebanon (of any nationality).


In 2009, "Bareed Mista3jil" is a book published by the Lebanese lesbian Meem organization in Beirut. Available in both English and Arabic versions, the book is a collection of 41 true and personal stories from lesbians, bisexuals, queer and questioning women, and transgender persons from all over Lebanon.[2]

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