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Meera (TV series).jpg
Intertitle of Meera.
Created by Moti Sagar
Meenakshi Sagar
Amrit Sagar
Written by Asso. Screenplay
Shikha Diwan
Vipul Mehta
Vinod Sharma
Mriduta Sharma
Directed by Mukesh Singh
Starring See Below
Music by Sunny Bawra, Inder Bawra
Opening theme "Chor Sab Sakhiyon Saheli" by Sunny Bawra & Inder Bawra or [1]
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 134
Executive producer(s) Srinita Bhoumick (NDTV Imagine)
Cinematography Ankit Chouksey
Editor(s) Santosh Singh
Janak Chauhan
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Original network NDTV Imagine
Original release July 27, 2009 – January 29, 2010
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Meera - Krishna Se Laagi Aisi Lagan Ek Rajkuvri Bani Jogan is an Indian historical drama television series Produced by Sagar Pictures and written by Vipul Mehta, . It is based on the life of Meera Bai, a 15th-century Hindu mystic and poet whose lyrical songs of devotion to the god Krishna are widely popular in northern India.[2] The series, aired on NDTV Imagine from July 27, 2009 till January 29, 2010, was produced by Sagar Pictures.

Historical synopsis[edit]

Meera, the great poet saint was born a princess in Khudki in Rajasthan in the early 16th century. Her father was Ratan Singh — the youngest son of Rao Dooda, the then ruler of Merta a small state in Marwar. From the time of her birth, it was predicted by Raidasji (a great saint) that Meera was meant for greater things and that her family would be known in through the decades because of her achievements.

When Meera is about 8–9 years old she wants a Gudda (doll) whom she can marry. Saint Raidas-ji gives her Lord Krishna’s idol, and Meera immediately falls in love with the Lord. Meera truly believes that the Lord is her husband.

Soon after, her marriage is fixed with Bhoj Raj, the son of Rana Sangha of Chittor. But Meera remained, in mind, heart and soul, married to the Lord and never accepted the prince as her husband. After marriage her life was constantly engulfed in turmoil, as very few could understand her devotion and faith towards Lord Krishna. She was soft-spoken, mild-mannered, gifted, sweet and sang with a melodious voice. She was one of the foremost exponents of the Prema Bhakti (Divine Love) and an inspired poet.

Soon Meera starts to care for Bhoj Raj but is rigid to accept him as her husband; he dies fighting in a war. After which soon Rana Sangha too dies while fighting. Thus Vikramaditya is made the new Rana (king). He desperately starts having feelings for Meera, who is somehow every time saved by her mother-in-law. She soon leaves Chittod, with a heavy heart with Lalita. She gives her Krishna idol to her mother-in-law, saying that the idol had her life since childhood. But, as fate had she returns to Merta just to know that her brother, Jaimall has died. After spending some years there she goes on pilgrimage to Dwarka and Vrindavan. She disappears within the Lord's idol, making to know that she has attained Moksha and has reached her lord, after years of service. Lalita too gives up her life by jumping into the sea, as "wherever there is Meera, there is Lalita".

Through this show, the attempt to portray Meera’s story is as that of an ordinary Rajput princess whose ultimate love and devotion to the Lord led her to question the set norms of the patriarchal society. It is a story relevant even in today’s day and age as Meera embodies a woman’s true love and her ultimate sacrifice to remain loyal to that love even in the face of social stigma and opposition. A story of unquestioning and pure love.


Actor Character Role Notes
Aashika Bhatia Meera Protagonist. Daughter of Veer Kunwari and Ratan Singh. Young
Aditi Sajwan Elder
Gauri Harmit Kaur Veer Kunwari Meera's mother and Ratan Singh's wife. She dies when Meera is just 10 years old.
Kunal Bakshi Ratan Singh Meera's father.
Paras Arora Jaimall Meera’s cousin brother. He dies just before Meera comes back to Merta, years after Meera's marriage with Bhojraj.
Twara Desai Lalita Meera's best friend since childhood. Young
Twara desai replaced by Shreya Laheri Young
(Unknown) Elder
Ravi Jhankal Rao Doodaji Meera's grandfather.
(Unknown) Vikramaditya Bhojraj's half brother. Young.
Zeb Khan Elder
Abhilin Pandey Bhojraj Meera's actual husband. He dies in a battle.
Arvind Rao Suriya Saint Raidas Meera's spiritual Guru.
Prachee Pathak Rani Karnavati Bhojraj's mother and Meera's mother-in-law
Raza Murad Rana Sanga Bhonraj and Vikramaditya's father He died in the same battle as Bhojraj.



She is a Rajput Princess born into the Rathod family of Rao Dooda. Meera from her very childhood became enamored by Lord Krishna’s idol. She believed Him to be her husband. Her devotion was so complete that even when she is forced to marry Bhoj Raj the son of Rana Sangha of Chittor, she walks around the holy fire carrying with her the idol of the Lord — almost symbolizing her marriage to Him.

Meera occupies indeed a sacred place in the history of Indian thought and culture for her deep and passionate religious devotion, as for her poetry in which her genius was well revealed, and which was never bereft of beauty in the true sense. Her odes and hymns are so rich, sweet and inspiring, not because of any high rhetoric or dexterity of language, but because they are characterized by a tenderness and simplicity of feeling as genuine outpourings of a heart completely dedicated to God.


She is Meera’s best friend as well as her Daasi. It is from Lalita that Meera learns about "Gudda-Guddi Ki Shaadi" (Wedding of dolls) and wants a Gudda (doll) of her own. Lalita and Meera were inseparable and their friendship broke all barriers of class and caste. When Meera gets married, Lalita goes with her to her sasural. She was always very protective of Meera.


He is her 12-year-old cousin. He was extremely close to Meera as they had been brought up together. A very loving brother, he would do anything for Meera. Meera too was very attached to him and would go to any lengths to make her cousin happy. He is married to a girl named Mrinal. He dies at the near end.

Veer Kunwari

She is Meera's mother. A beautiful woman who was extremely loving and kind. She was a dutiful mother and wife and was a favorite in the family. Extremely gentle by nature. Her life revolved around her daughter. Meera was most attached to her mother, and it is her mother who understood Meera the best. She died early when her daughter was about 10 years.

Ratan Singh

He is Meera's father and Rao Dooda's youngest son. Ratan Singh was a great warrior like his father. A very loving man, his world revolved around his wife and daughter. He is left shattered when his wife Veer Kunwari dies when Meera is about 10–11 years old. He is engaged in fierce battles against the Mughals. Meera is his only child and Ratan Singh would do anything for her.

Rao Doodaji

He is the King of Merta — he was a brave and powerful king with an imposing personality. Rao Dooda was a true warrior who spent most of his life fighting wars especially against the Mughals. He was immensely fond of Meera and would always pamper her. He, too, was a Krishn Bhakt and was highly respected even by great saints and gurus who were regular visitor to his palace.


  • Concept: Moti Sagar & Meenakshi Sagar
  • Story Development & Screenplay: Vipul Mehta
  • Research: Vijay Pandit & Umesh Chandra Upadhyay
  • Art Director: Chokas Bharadwaj
  • Music Director: Sunny Bawra & Inder Bawra
  • Production Supervisor: Rahul Chavda
  • Costume Designer: Sheela Sagar
  • Episode Director: Mukesh Singh
  • Creative Head: Gautam V. Sobti
  • Co-Producer: Colosceum


The serial included a series of Bhajans. When the show started its name, Meera was musically recited. The main opening theme song's lyrics are as follows:

"Chod sab sakiyon saheli
Saanware gudde se kheli
Baalpan ki preet sanchi
Saware ke rang raachi
Preet ki sacchi kahaani ho gayi
Duniya se Meera begaani ho gayi
Sab raaj rango se pare
Woh prem ki baate kare
Mane na jag ki reet ko
Dhunde woh mann ke meet ko
Rishta naya rachne lagi
Chod sab sakiyon saheli
Saanware gudde se kheli
Baalpan ki preet saanchi
Saanware ke rang raachi."


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