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A "meet me room" (MMR) is a place within a colocation centre (or carrier hotel) where telecommunications companies can physically connect to one another and exchange data without incurring local loop fees. Services provided across connections in an MMR may be voice circuits, data circuits, or Internet protocol.

MMR (Meet Me Room) provides a safe production environment where the carrier handover point equipment can be expected to run on a 24/7 basis with minimal risk of interruption. Sometimes it is located within the data center.


  • Separate and secure space
  • Protection and control of power quality
  • Environmental controlled and monitored
  • Fire protection and other safety measures

To interconnect, companies order a patch from their cage or suite to the MMR, and then arrange for the organization running the facility to connect them together. These physical connections may be an optical fiber cable, coaxial cable, twisted pair, or any other networking medium.

Typically, a meet me room will discourage or disallow customers from installing large amounts of equipment. However, multiplexing equipment is often welcome in the meet me room, so that a customer can have a single connection between the meet me room and the rest of their equipment in the building, and the multiplexing equipment can then break that out to allow for direct, private connections to several other organizations present in the meet me room.

An Internet Exchange Point can also be present in a meet me room (such as the Boston MXP in the meet me room at One Summer Street) to allow many organizations in the meet me room to interchange traffic without having to make physical interconnections between every possible pair of organizations.


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