Meet Your Mechanical Masters

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Meet Your Mechanical Masters
Servotron meet.jpg
EP by Servotron
Released 1995
Recorded Zero Return Manufacturing Center A-5 1995
Genre indie rock
Label Sympathy for the Record Industry
Servotron chronology
Meet Your Mechanical Masters
Batteries Included

Meet Your Mechanical Masters was Servotron's debut release. It was released in 1995 on Sympathy for the Record Industry (cited on the sleeve as Sympathy for the Machines). This single was released on purple vinyl and black vinyl. It was re-released as a silver circuit board picture disc as the "Super Expensive Ultra Limited Totally Bitchen' Silver Disc". "People Mover" is a song about vehicles at the Atlanta airport.

Track listing[edit]

  • RAM Side: "People Mover"
  • ROM Side: "Slave to the Metal Horde"

Machines of Sonic Manipulation[edit]

  • MACHINE 1 = Z4 - OBX: Mechanical percussion sync and electronic rhythmic reinforcement
  • MACHINE 2 = Proto Unit V3: Synthesized key sequences, replicated female voice, melody matrix
  • MACHINE 3 = 339837X: Interactive mechanisms of monotonic expression of dissension, synthetic speech patterns used in context of modern systems of melodic infusion
  • MACHINE 4 = -... .- ... ... -... --- -: Low frequency data and feedback loop

Other Credits[edit]

  • No Humans were involved in this completely digital recording process
  • Illustration & Design by Shag