Meet the Boyfriend

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Meet the Boyfriend
Meet the Boyfriend FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Ralph Staub
Produced by Colbert Clark (associate producer)
Written by Robert Arthur (story)
Jack Raymond (story)
Bradford Ropes (writer)
Starring Robert Paige
Carol Hughes
Warren Hymer
Pert Kelton
Andrew Tombes
Cinematography Ernest Miller
Edited by William Morgan
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
July 12, 1937 (1937-07-12)
Running time
63 minutes
53 minutes (USA edited versions)
Country United States
Language English

Meet the Boyfriend is a 1937 American film directed by Ralph Staub.

Plot summary[edit]

A heartthrob singer, Tony Paige, also known as "America's Boyfriend" decides to wed a Swedish actress. His manager doesn't want this because he is afraid of Tony losing female fans so he takes up a 300 thousand dollar insurance policy if Tony does in fact wed. Tony soon meets a girl named June Delaney on a bus who doesn't swoon over him like other girls. He falls for her but doesn't know her true identity.



  • "Sweet Lips (Kiss My Blues Away)" (Written by Harry Tobias and Roy Ingraham)
  • "You Are My Rosebud" (Music by Alberto Colombo / Lyrics by Smiley Burnette)
  • "Singing My Hillbilly Song" (Written by Smiley Burnette)
  • "To Know You Care" (Written by Harry Tobias and Roy Ingraham)
  • "This Business of Love" (Written by Harry Tobias and Roy Ingraham)

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