Meet the Wife (play)

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Meet the Wife
Written by Lynn Starling
Date premiered November 26, 1923
Place premiered Klaw Theatre
New York City
Original language English
Genre Comedy
Setting Gertrude Lennox's living room

Meet the Wife was a 1923 three act Broadway comedy written by Lynn Starling and produced by Stewart and French, Inc. It ran for 232 performances from November 26, 1923 to June 1924 at the Klaw Theatre. Mary Boland starred as inadvertent bigamist Gertrude Lennox, Humphrey Bogart as the juvenile lead reporter Gregory Brown and Clifton Webb as sporting youngblood Victor Staunton. It was set in Gertrude Lennox's living room.

It was adapted as a feature film also titled Meet the Wife in 1931.


  • Mary Boland as Gertrude Lennox
  • Charles Dalton as Harvey Lennox
  • Humphrey Bogart as Gregory Brown
  • Clifton Webb as Victor Staunton
  • Patricia Calvert as Alice
  • Eleanor Griffith as Doris Bellamy
  • Ernest Lawford as Philip Lord
  • Charles Bloomer as William
  • Ralph Glover


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