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Mega Duck
Mega duck cougar boy and games Lighter Sharper.jpg
The Mega Duck and Cougar Boy with identical games for both systems.
Also known as Cougar Boy
Manufacturer Welback Holdings
Release date 1993; 24 years ago (1993)[1]
Introductory price fl 129 (Netherlands)
CPU Zilog Z80 @ 4.194304 MHz (embedded in custom made SoC)
Memory 16 KB RAM
Graphics 160×144 pixels
Sound Built in speaker
Controller input 4 directional keys, A, B, Select and Start keys
Power Four AA batteries or AC adapter 6VDC/300mA
Weight 249 g (w/o batteries)

The Mega Duck WG-108 (also known as Cougar Boy) is a handheld game console that was developed and manufactured by Hong Kong-based Welback Holdings through its Timlex International division, and released in 1993.[1]

It was marketed under various different brands worldwide including Creatronic and Videojet. It was sold for about fl 129 in the Netherlands, and for a similar price in France and Germany.

In South America (mainly in Brazil), the Chinese-made Creatronic version was distributed by Cougar USA, also known as "Cougar Electronic Organization", and sold as the "Cougar Boy".

The cartridges are very similar to those of the Watara Supervision, but slightly narrower with fewer contacts (36 pins, whereas Supervision cartridges have 40). Conceptually, the electronics inside the Supervision and the Mega Duck are also very similar. The position of the volume controls, contrast controls, buttons, and connectors are virtually identical. However, the LCD of the Supervision is larger than the Mega Duck's.

The Cougar Boy came with a 4-in-one game cartridge and a stereo earphone.

With an external joystick (not included) two players could play against each other simultaneously.

A variant in the form of an educational laptop for children was released in Germany by Hartung as the Mega Duck Super Junior Computer, and in Brazil as the Super QuiQue.[citation needed]

Technical specifications[edit]

  • CPU : MOS version of the Z80 (embedded in the main VLSI)
  • Clockspeed : 4.194304 MHz
  • RAM : 16 KB in two 8K chips (Goldstar GM76C88LFW)
  • System logic : 80 pins VLSI chip
  • LCD : 2.7" (48 (h) x 51 (w) mm) STN dot matrix. resolution 160×144 at 59.732155 Hz
  • Grayscales : 4 levels of dark blue on a green background
  • Player controls : 4 directional keys, A, B, Select and Start keys
  • Other controls : On/off switch and contrast and volume regulators
  • Sound : Built in speaker (8Ω 200 mW) and stereo headset output
  • Dimensions : 155 (l) x 97 (w) x32 (h) mm
  • Weight : 249 g (w/o batteries)
  • Power : Four AA batteries or AC adapter 6VDC/300mA
  • Current consumption : 700 mW
  • Play duration : 15 hours on one set of four AA batteries
  • Expansion Interface : Serial link for two player games (6 pins), or external joystick.
  • Game medium : 36 pins ROM cartridge, 63 (l) x 54 (w) mm and 7 mm thick, 17 gram.

The Video Display Controller of the Mega Duck/Cougar Boy has one special feature, the display logic uses two "display planes" that are used to create parallax scrolling backgrounds, as if the picture is drawn on two sheets of which the top sheet is partly transparent.[2][3]

List of games[edit]

This is an (incomplete) list of Mega Duck/Cougar Boy games. Each Mega Duck/Cougar Boy game is similarly labeled as the same games were marketed for both systems. The notation MDxxx is used for Mega Duck Games, and the notation CBxxx for a Cougar Boy Games. A MD001 is exactly the same game as the CB001, even to a point that some "Cougar Boy" games start up with a Mega Duck logo.

Most games were developed by Thin Chen Enterprise and would later be released for the Game Boy in 4-in-1 and 8-in-1 cartridges.

  • 001 : The Brick Wall
  • 002 : Street Rider
  • 003 : Bomb Disposer
  • 004 : Vex
  • 005 : Suleuman's Treasure
  • 006 : Arctic Zone
  • 007 : Magic Maze
  • 008 : Puppet Knight
  • 009 : Trap and Turn
  • 010 : Pile Wonder
  • 011 : Captain Knick Knack
  • 013 : Black Forest tale
  • 014 : Armoured Force
  • 018 : Snake Roy
  • 019 : Railway
  • 021 : Beast Fighter
  • 026 : Ant Soldiers
  • 028 : 2nd Space
  • 029 : Magic Tower
  • 030 : Worm Visitor
  • 031 : Duck Adventures
  • 035 : Four in One
  • 035a : Electron World
  • 035b : Dice Block
  • 035c : Trouble Zone
  • 035d : Virus Attack
  • 036 : Five in one
  • 037 : Zipball