Mega Kuningan

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Mega Kuningan
Mega Kuningan skyline, seen from the junction of Gatot Subroto Avenue & Rasuna Said Road
Coordinates: 6°13′51″S 106°49′32″E / 6.230730°S 106.825680°E / -6.230730; 106.825680
Country Indonesia
Named forKuningan Regency
 • Total0.54 km2 (0.21 sq mi)
 • OfficialIndonesian & English
Time zoneUTC+07:00 (WIB)

Mega Kuningan is a business district with an integrated mixed use development concept, located at Setiabudi sub-district in Jakarta, Indonesia.[1]The CBD is surrounded by some of the main roads in Jakarta (Jalan Sudirman, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jalan Rasuna Said, Jalan Satrio), and is located within the Golden Triangle of Jakarta.[2]

Mega Kuningan was developed as an integrated diplomatic and business area equipped with international standard infrastructure and utility networks. In addition to commercial property, there are also embassies of six countries. Mega Kuningan is divided into eight large blocks, which are subdivided into 44 sub-blocks.[3]

Important buildings[edit]

The embassies of China, Kuwait, Mongolia, Pakistan, Qatar, and Thailand are located in Mega Kuningan. Many other embassies and diplomatic missions, and Ciputra World Jakarta are located in the surrounding the area. There are offices of many local and multinational companies within Mega Kuningan. Important buildings in the area include:[4]

Terrorist incidents[edit]

Mega Kuningan was affected by 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombing and the 2009 JW Marriott - Ritz-Carlton bombings .[6][7]


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