Mega Man: Upon a Star

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Mega Man: Upon a Star
North American DVD cover
ロックマン 星に願いを
(Rokkuman Hoshi Ni Negai Wo)
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy-drama, Educational, Fantasy, Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Okazaki Minoru
Written by Okeya Akira
Music by Kaoru Otori
Studio Ashi Productions
Licensed by
Released 1993
Runtime 23 minutes per episode
Episodes 3
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Mega Man: Upon a Star, known in Japan as Rockman: Hoshi ni Negai o (ロックマン 星に願いを?, lit. "Rockman: Wish Upon a Star"), is a Japanese anime original video animation (OVA) series produced by Ashi Productions (who also later worked on the American Mega Man cartoon in 1994) and based on the popular Capcom video game franchise Mega Man. Created in 1993, the series was presented by the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications. The OVA is viewed as a series of educational shorts on the culture of Japan. The first episode got an English dub by The Ocean Group shortly afterwards, but the rest didn't get dubbed until 2002, and never was available to the public until 2005, when it finally saw a VHS and DVD release in North America by ADV Films. This OVA is the first appearance of Yuuta and Akane. Though most sources claim the release was in 1993, this is somewhat debatable as the first episode clearly shows the re-designed Famicom AV in which Yuuka was playing Rockman 5, and the Famicom AV was not released until December of 1993.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original Airdate
1 "Appearance in Japan"
"Nihonjoriku" (日本上陸) 
Yuuta Kobayashi spends a long time playing Mega Man 5. When he falls asleep without shutting his console off, Dr. Wily decides to leave the game enter the real world. The next morning, Mega Man and Rush follow Dr. Wily into the real world, much to the surprise of Yuuta, his older sister Akane, and their parents. Yuuta's father volunteers to take Mega Man to Tokyo, where they expect Dr. Wily to be headed. Mega Man and Rush follow Wily's trail to an amusement park. As Mega Man begins to attack, Wily rallies all his robots into a giant war machine called Samurai Man. Mega Man's attacks are futile. Samurai Man tails Mega Man to Yuuta's school. Kicking a football with a Charge Kick, Mega Man trashes Wily's robot, but Wily escapes. Mega Man has run out of energy and Yuuta sacrifices his time to skip judo and cram school to help him. He summons Eddie to replenish Mega Man. Rush flies Mega Man and Yuuta around Japan, with the two suspecting Dr. Wily is based in Mt. Fuji. Sure enough, Wily is creating a new robot powered by volcanic energy called Lava Man. Mega Man attacks Wily's army of rampaging lava robots. Akane summons Proto Man and Beat to help Mega Man. While Proto Man and Beat take care of the lava robots, Mega Man breaks into Wily's lab to beat all eight of Wily's Robot Masters. Wily makes his escape in a rocket, but Proto Man diverts his rocket to go back into Yuuta's video game. After celebrating Wily's defeat, the game characters return to the game world. 
2 "Wishing Upon A Star"
"Hoshi ni Negai wo" (星に願いを) 
Yuuta is preoccupied with his Mega Man game on Omisoka, and isn't going downstairs to celebrate the holiday with Akane and his parents. He and Akane hit the console by accident after arguing. This means Mega Man is again transported into the real world, so he gets to celebrate New Years' Eve with the Kobayashi family. After learning about otoshidama, Mega Man finds out that Dr. Wily ended up at Dr. Light's lab, stole Dr. Light's newest creation, a time machine, and kidnapped Roll. Dr. Light creates a device to follow Wily through the time vortex. Mega Man rescues Roll and Wily escapes. It is revealed that Wily plans on showering Japan with meteorites on the Tanabata, a day when the citizens traditionally make wishes upon stars. If the plan goes correctly, the stars will crash down on the citizens! Can Mega Man stop Wily in time? Along the way, Mega Man learns about Japanese holidays, including Japanese New Years, Setsubun, Hinamatsuri, and Children's Day
3 "Future Beware"
"Mirai ga Abunai" (未来が危ない) 
Mega Man and Roll get pulled out of the game world by Yuuta and Akane and are taken to the Obon matsuri. Mega Man and Yuuta carry the mikoshi in a parade, Roll learns about yukatas and makes a promise with Akane that she will wear a kimono on Shichi-Go-San, Mega Man learns about cotton candy, Roll plays Whac-A-Mole, and the kids watch the fireworks. But Dr. Wily's face appears in the sky at the end of the fireworks! Yuuta, Akane, Mega Man, and Roll run home. Dr. Light repairs the time machine and Mega Man and Roll use it to jump ahead one year in time only to discover that Wily has conquered Japan and raised the entire city of Tokyo high above the surface. Mega Man and Roll jump back to the past and discover that a typhoon is responsible for this. But, this is not an ordinary typhoon... this is the work of Dr. Wily and his new Typhoon Robot! Can Mega Man save the city from certain doom? Along the way, Mega Man learns about Tsukimi (and its' yummy dango!) and Sports Day

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