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Mega Man 11
Director(s)Koji Oda
Producer(s)Kazuhiro Tsuchiya
Designer(s)Masakazu Eguchi
Artist(s)Yuji Ishihara
Writer(s)Masakazu Eguchi
Composer(s)Marika Suzuki
SeriesMega Man
EngineMT Framework[1]
  • WW: October 2, 2018
  • JP: October 4, 2018
Genre(s)Action, platforming

Mega Man 11[a] is an action-platform game developed and published by Capcom. The game is an entry in the original Mega Man series, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in October 2018. The game brings back several features such as voice acting and a 2.5D graphic style from previous games throughout the Mega Man franchise.



Mega Man 11 retains the gameplay style of the classic Mega Man series of games, and features a 2.5D graphics style with 3D polygonal characters and 2D environments. Players control Mega Man in an attempt to stop Dr. Wily from using his Double Gear system that he invented many years before, when he was at Robot University. Players travel through eight linear stages, which can be chosen in any way the player sees fit, and have to face Doctor Wily's newest Robot Masters, including Block Man, Fuse Man, Blast Man, Acid Man, Tundra Man, Torch Man, Impact Man, and Bounce Man.

Mega Man can perform classic moves such as the chargeable Mega Buster and slide, as well as obtain new weapons by defeating Robot Master bosses at the end of each level. Unique to this game is the Double Gear system, which grants Mega Man two additional abilities: the Speed Gear and Power Gear. The Speed Gear lets Mega Man slow down time, allowing him to dodge attacks, while the Power Gear increases the attack power of Mega Man's weaponry; both of these will overheat if Mega Man uses them too much. When Mega Man's health is critically low, he can activate both gears to perform a powerful charge shot which can only be used once and leaves Mega Man weakened afterwards.[2]

The game has additional features including Time Trials, Missions, Global Leaderboards, a concept art gallery and more.[3] The game also features difficulty settings, last seen in Mega Man 10, expanding upon them for a total of four: Newcomer, Casual, Normal, and Superhero.[4] The Nintendo Switch version has Amiibo support, which can be used to unlock in-game items.[5]


The game was announced in December 2017[6] as part of the celebration of the series' 30th anniversary, along with the announcements of re-releases of earlier Mega Man games. Mega Man 11 features 3D polygonal characters and hand-drawn environments, departing from the pixel art-based approach from previous games, and is displayed in 2.5D.[7] It was directed by Koji Oda and produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya,[8] with character designs by Yuji Ishihara,[9] and music by Marika Suzuki.[10] According to Tsuchiya and Oda, the departure of Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune was mainly the reason for the long hiatus of a new game, as there was a huge hesitation for anyone to step up and become "the new Mega Man guy" until Oda himself did so.[11]

Mega Man 11 was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on October 2, 2018,[12] except in Japan where it was released two days later. An alternate soundtrack in the form of a DLC add-on for the game was made freely available to those who pre-ordered the game.[2] A Mega Man Amiibo was released alongside the game for the Switch version.[13] A demo featuring Block Man's stage was released on the Nintendo Switch on September 6, 2018, and on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the following day.[14]


Aggregate score
Metacritic(PS4) 82/100[15]
(NS) 80/100[16]
(XONE) 76/100[17]
Review scores
Game Informer8.75/10[21]
Game Revolution4.5/5 stars[22]
Nintendo Life9/10 stars[25]

Mega Man 11 was met with positive reviews by critics. IGN gave it a 7.5/10 rating saying "It's not revolutionary, but Mega Man 11 feels almost like a classic Mega Man game, and is a good foundation for the next 10 games"[24] while GameSpot gave it a 7/10 rating praising the game for its "great sub-bosses and intense robot master fights[,] some new stage gimmicks [being] a lot of fun and endearing personality of the series com[ing] through in the visual and character design", while criticizing the stages for being "far too long and hav[ing] some questionable elements[,] the difficulty spikes throughout levels lead[ing] to frustrating setbacks [and] the Double Gear System never seem[ing] quite as useful as you want it to be".[23] Nintendo Life gave it a 9/10 rating, writing that "Mega Man 11 is an excellent resurgence for the Blue Bomber, imbuing the tried-and-true classic gameplay with modern touches and new ideas that expand on existing concepts in interesting ways."[25]


During its first week on sale in Japan, the physical Nintendo Switch version of Mega Man 11 sold 14,650 copies, while the physical PlayStation 4 version sold 12,052 copies.[26] As of February 2019, the game has sold 870,000 copies worldwide.[27]


The game was nominated for "Best Action Game" at The Game Awards 2018.[28]


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