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Megabox JoongAng Co., Ltd. (Hangeul: 메가박스중앙(주)), operating as MEGABOX(Hangul: 메가박스), is a chain of movie theatres in South Korea. Its headquarters are in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Orion Confectionery. It later merged with Cinus, owned by Joongang Media Network, in 2010.

Megabox is owned by a consortium of Australia-based Macquarie Group and Joongang Media Network subsidiary jcontentree. The first Megabox launched in COEX Mall in Samseong-dong in 2000 followed by another two years later in Busan for the international film festival. The chain grew to 14 branches.[1] It was owned by North American-based Loews Cineplex Entertainment before being sold off by Onex Corporation in 2005.[2]


Cinus is a Korean movie theater chain company. It merged small theater companies such as Gangnam Central 6 and Bundang Cine Plaza in December, 2004.[3] The theaters paid franchise fees. The franchise headquarters started direct marketing integration. On September 18, 2008, it was acquired by ISPlus (Daily Sports), an affiliate of Joongang Ilbo. On June 17, 2011, ISPlus changed its name to Jcontentree.[4][5] Cinus (grape in Latin), had 31 outlets. Cinus acquired Megabox in 2010. On May 20, 2011, it merged with Megabox, temporarily using the name Megabox Cinus and then fully adopting the Megabox name in the latter half of the year.[6] In 2008, the company was reborn as a Sinus union company in partnership with Dansung Co. Dansung Company was transferred to Asan M Group on September 23.

Megabox Cinus[edit]

Megabox Cinus is a company made by combining Megabox and Sunus. After the merger, JC Content was the major shareholder. As a separate brand, it merged with the Megabox brand on November 1, 2011 and consolidated its website.

Theater models[edit]

  • M (Gwangju, Daegu, Dongdaemun, Baekseok, Shindae, Sinchon, Yeosu, Kintex, Haeundae): a special building with a two-ring street seat and a large silver screen.
  • M2 (Mokdong, Yeongtong, COEX): An upgraded version of the existing M. It focuses on Maximizing Sound, Screen and Seat. It has Mayer speaker, Dolby ATMOS sound system, Dual 4K projection system.
  • MX (COEX, Yeongtong, Songdo, Dongdaegu): The upgraded version of the M2 adds Barco's premium 6P laser projector projection system that delivers 56,000 lumens brightness and 4096x2160 full 4K UHD resolution through six laser sources, Prima Silver Premium Screen, and Meyer Sound EXP (US) and Dolby ATMOS (US).
  • PREMIUM (Daejeon, Shindae, Cheonan, COEX) : Seats offer two arm rests, Mayer/JBL High power speakers, personal tables.
  • TABLE M (Gwangju, Gimpo, Daegu, Deokcheon, Mokdong, Baekseok, Sokcho, Jeonju, Kintex, Paju Geumchon, Haeundae): The auditorium is equipped with a table to secure individual space and rests for both arms.
  • BOUTIQUE M (Bundang, Central, COEX): Boutique hotel personality.
  • BALCONY M (Bundang): Balcony seating.
  • The FIRST CLUB (KINTEX): Bed-type seating and VIP lounge
  • DRIVE M (Yongin): Open-air car theater with a barbecue.
  • OPEN M (Baekseok, One mount): Urban camping installed on a rooftop.
  • MEGA KIDS BOX (Yeongtong): Children's theater with high-definition screen for watching movies in bright surroundings.


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