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Potato 'MegaChip'
SpeciesSolanum tuberosum
Hybrid parentage'Wischip' v 'FYF85'

MegaChip is a round white potato variety with good tuber size,[1] and specific gravity for chipping. It was developed at Rhinelander Agricultural Research Station in Wisconsin and it was result of a cross between 'Wischip' and 'FYF85' after many years of selection and breeding.[1][2] The cross resulting in Megachip was made in 1985. It produces high quality chips that have an excellent color both from the field and after storage at 7.2 to 10 degrees C.

Botanical features[edit]

  • Medium-late variety for chipping
  • Round-oval tubers with medium to large size
  • Flesh is white and have a high specific gravity, and medium-long dormancy
  • Leaves are dark green
  • Has four to seven inflorescences per plant
  • 12 florets per inflorescence, and medium peduncle length

Agricultural feature[edit]

  • High level of resistance to common scab
  • Moderately resistant to foliar early blight, powdery scab, pink rot, dry rot, and soft rot
  • Fairly resistant to shatter bruise
  • Yields are stable from year to year


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