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Opening title card
Written by Simon Davies
Chris Lillicrap
Michael Malaghan
Neil Ben
Kjartan Poskitt
Directed by Neil Ben
Ken Robertson
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 40
Producer(s) David Scott-Cowan
Running time 20 mins (normally)
15 mins (problem solving episodes)
Original network BBC Two
Original release 16 September 1996 –
4 February 2002

Megamaths is an Educational programme about Maths that originally aired on BBC2 between 16 September 1996 and 4 February 2002. Each episode was 20 minutes long and was written by Maths Television Presenter Simon Davies. Other people that have been in the series are Liz Crowther and Annee Blott. Between 1996 and 1999 it was presented in a castle, populated by the four card suits (Kings, Queens and Jacks / Jackies, and a joker). There were two gargoyles at the front of the castle who spoke mostly in rhyme, and a cartoon segment featured a dragon named Brimstone and his pet cat, Digit, who lived in the castle cellar. Each episode of the series included a song, explaining the episode's mathematical content. This format continued for four series, with programmes on multiplication, money, division and measuring.


Megamaths Tables 1996 10 Episodes[edit]

Megamaths Money 1998 5 Episodes[edit]

Megamaths Division 1998 5 Episodes[edit]

The Jack of Clubs and the Four cards must make a new bench for the castle gardens.

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 Two Times 16 September 1996

This episode introduces the concept of the times sign for multiplying, and the two times table.

2 Five Times 23 September 1996

The Jack of Clubs and the Five cards must sow twenty sunflower seeds in equal rows.

3 Ten Times 30 September 1996

The King of Clubs orders a shirt with ten buttons. But all the other Kings, on hearing the news, want to outdo each other, and Ace Tailors ends up with a hundred buttons to sow altogether.

4 Three Times 7 October 1996

The Queen of Hearts gets more than she bargains for when she tries to buy a new pair of gloves and socks, but finds that the clothes store only sells things in sets of three.

5 Six Times 14 October 1996

The Jack of Clubs and the Six cards have to make a soup for six people, and the King of Spades tries to invent a Times machine but it keeps coming up with the wrong answers.

6 Nine Times 28 October 1996

It's the Queen of Diamonds' birthday, and all her presents are in nines. But you can have too much of a good thing!

7 Four Times 4 November 1996

The King of Clubs orders a table, but once again the other King's seek to outdo him, and Ace Carpenters ends up having a very busy day.

8 Eight Times 11 November 1996

The Jackie of Diamonds and the Eight cards are trying to make a multiple pie- all the ingredients must be in multiples of eight. But the Eight of Diamonds is ill and an Ace is sent to take her place, with disastrous results.

9 Seven Times 18 November 1996

The Seven cards must provide thirty-five apples for the Queen of Hearts' tarts- but there must be the same number of apples on each tree.

10 Big Numbers 25 November 1996

The castle residents are off on holiday, but it's going to take some big multiplication to work out how much of everything they need to take with them.

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 Money To 20p 13 January 1998

The King of Hearts spends all his different coins of 20p at the Ace Launderette while cleaning the Queen of Hearts silk hanky.

2 Money To 50p 20 January 1998

The King of Spades is the highest bidder at an auction, and wins a magnificent rickshaw, but it turns out to be more trouble than it's worth when Ace Clamper gets involved.

3 Money To One Pound 27 January 1998

The Jack of Clubs accidentally does the King out of one pound when he buys what turns out to be a set of five perfectly ordinary glass bottles. They hatch a plan to make back the money, by filling the bottles with moat water, and tricking the other royals into thinking its a miraculous cure-all-ills medicine called Ol' Peculiar. But things don't end well.

4 Money To Five Pounds 3 February 1998

The Queen of Diamonds never accepts change, and pays the price for it when she overspends on a shopping spree.

5 Money To Ten Pounds 10 February 1998

When the King of Diamonds sells one of his magnificent diamonds for ten pounds, he decides to spend it on a complete makeover. But it proves to be more trouble than it's worth.

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 Divide By Two 24 February 1998

The Kings play football, and must work on their division as well as their soccer skills.

2 Divide By Four 3 March 1998
3 Divide By Ten 10 March 1998

The Queen of Diamonds wants her number cards kitted out with splendid new shirts, which means a lot of work for Ace Tailors.

4 Divide By Five 17 March 1998

It's the annual Kings Cooks day, and the Kings of Clubs and Diamonds must serve a top-notch meal to five number cards- or they'll have to try again next year.

5 Divide By Three 24 March 1998

The Spades find the long lost treasure of an ancient pirate Ace, but dividing it between them proves difficult.

Megamaths Measure 1999 5 Episodes[edit]

The King of Spades wants a groovy new tunic for speech day, as this year his theme is how to look cool. But he doesn't know the first thing about units of measurement.

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 Sports Day 12 January 1999

It's Sports Day, and everyone is fed up of the King of Diamonds always winning. Will this year be different?

2 The King's New Clothes 19 January 1999
3 Decorating 26 January 1999

Ace Painters and Decorators demonstrates different types of rulers as he helps the King and Queen of Diamonds re-decorate.

4 Treasure Hunt 2 February 1999

The Aces organise a surprise treasure hunt for the royals, which will test their measuring skills.

5 Holidays 9 February 1999

The Kings and Queens prepare for their holidays. The Kings must measure their suitcases, and the Queen of Spades must work out the distance they have to walk on their hiking trip.

Megamaths Fractions 2000 5 Episodes[edit]

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 Halves And Quarters 17 January 2000
2 Quarters And Eighths 24 January 2000
3 Fifths And Tenths 31 January 2000
4 Thirds And Sixths 7 February 2000
5 Decimals/Fractions 14 February 2000

Megamaths Shape And Space 2001 5 Episodes[edit]

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 2-Dimensional Shapes 19 January 2001
2 3-Dimensional Shapes 26 January 2001
3 Symmetry 2 February 2001
4 Patterns 9 February 2001
5 Moving Around 16 February 2001

Megamaths Problem Solving 2002 5 Episodes[edit]

Episode Number Episode Name Broadcast Date
1 One Step Problems 7 January 2002
2 Two Step Problems 14 January 2002
3 Measure: Length And Time 21 January 2002
4 Measure: Mass And Capacity 28 January 2002
5 Money 4 February 2002

Media release[edit]


Release name UK release date Author Publisher Notes Ref
Megamaths Tables 1998 N/A BBC Educational Publishing Teacher Pack [1]


Release name UK release date
Publisher Platform Notes Ref
Megamaths Tables CD-Rom 28 September 1998 Logotron Limited MAC For ages 5–11 [2]
Megamaths Tables CD-Rom 28 September 1998 Logotron Limited PC For ages 5–11 [3]


Release name UK release date
Notes Ref
Megamaths Fractions July 2006 DVD Plus Pack [4][5][6]


Release name UK release date Notes Ref
Megamaths Tables 1996 1996 VHS Plus Pack [7]
Megamaths Money 1998 1998 VHS Plus Pack [8]
Megamaths Division 1998 1998 VHS Plus Pack [9]
Megamaths Measure 1999 1999 VHS Plus Pack [10]
Megamaths Fractions 2000 2000 VHS Plus Pack [11]
Megamaths Shape And Space 2001 2001 VHS Plus Pack [12]
Megamaths Problem Solving 2002 2002 VHS Plus Pack [13]


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