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Directed by Eddie Rodriguez
Produced by Eric M. Cuatico
Written by
  • Eddie Rodriguez
  • Humilde Roxas
Cinematography Ricardo Herrera
Release date
Running time
86 minutes
Country Philippines

Megamol is a film published in 1994 in the Philippines by Viva Films. The film was directed by Eddie Rodriguez.


Corazon (Sharon Cuneta) and Clark (Andrew E.) have an adventure throughout Metro Manila running away from kidnappers led by Brando (Bong Alvarez). They escape the kidnappers after a confrontation with Brando in a Jollibee restaurant while eating on a pick up truck to Clark's house where his cousin Bugoy (Smokey Manaloto) and Neneng (Maybelline dela Cruz) live. However the kidnappers locate them when they follow Bugoy who was riding the pick up truck which they recognized while Bugoy was in a gas station refueling the pick up truck to Clark's house causing Clark and Corazon to escape back to Metro Manila to get help leaving Bugoy and Neneng behind unharmed. When they reach the attorney's (Charito Solis) house with help from Clark's boss Mr. Calderon (Jon Achaval) they defeat the kidnappers and Elias (Andy Poe) who is behind the kidnapping attempt on Corazon is arrested by his wife Marga (Gloria Sevilla) who discovered his treachery and she explains to Corazon that her husband is behind on attempt so he wants the money to belong to her. In the end, they became rich.




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