Megan Leigh

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Megan Leigh
Born Michelle Maira Schei[1]
(1964-03-02)March 2, 1964[1]
Castro Valley, California, United States[1]
Died June 16, 1990(1990-06-16) (aged 26) (self-inflicted gunshot wound[2])[3]
Solano County, California, United States
Nationality American
Other names Caroline Chambers, Heather Newman, Caitlyn Lewiss
Ethnicity Caucasian
No. of adult films 147 (per IAFD)[4]

Megan Leigh (March 2, 1964 – June 16, 1990) was an American stripteaser and star of adult videos.[1]

Early life[edit]

Leigh (née Michelle Maira Schei) was born in California.[1] She ran away from home for the first time at age 14[citation needed], and, by age 16, she was working at a Guam massage parlor.[3]


At 18 years-old, she began dancing nude at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco.[1] Although O'Farrell's management considered her little more than a passably pretty bleached blonde with little dancing talent, she became popular as house dancer "Eve" and made a few thousand dollars per month in tips, which she reportedly spent mainly on drugs.[citation needed] In late 1986, she stopped working at the O'Farrell Theatre and underwent a "makeover" (i.e., detoxification and cosmetic surgery), reemerging as "Megan Leigh".[citation needed]

In the summer of 1987, she starred in Secrets Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers.[4] Leigh became known for her ability to deep-throat her partners, and earned a starring role in Deep Throat III (1989).[4] When not starring in videos, she made many public appearances, including a return to the O'Farrell Theatre as a headliner.[citation needed]


Leigh's body was discovered on June 16, 1990[5] at her home in Solano County, California. The 26-year-old had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.[2][3] According to former porn performer and message board contributor Brandy Alexandre, an autopsy discovered a lethal dose of Valium in Leigh's system.[citation needed]


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